Why dog adore bones?

Everybody knows that dog like bones, but the reason for this action just discovered recently by researchers.

1. Why do dogs adore bones?

This feature is a genetic factor which still exists after over a million years . In ancient time, their ancestor is a prendator animal, mainly their food is raw meat of desolate and waster animal. In the natural selective process, the creator of the dog with strong jaw and great hunting ability exists on earth. PhD Joao Munoz-Doran from Colombia national university said: Research into the character of over 300 species helps him and fellow worker make  an annal of dog.  The element is using in classification of diet of each species. Mr. Doran affirms: There are 3 species is flesh-eating, hypercarnivores and omnivorous dog. At present, their ancestor is classified into hypercarnivores class (70% of their eating serving is raw meat). The result of analyzed  shows that these dogs have strong jaw- bone and canine tooth bigger than ancient dog hunting herd. Eight million years ago, the earth has many wide plains, convenient for the development of herbivores. Herbivores is developed about their dimension in a good natural condition. In the natural selective process, a dog has strong jaw, big canine tooth gets the upper hand in hunting process. To keep healthy, they have to get their own exercises for jaw bone, it is grawed bones.  During evolution, the dog is forced to gnaw bones to strengthen their jaw and take full advantage of nutrition inside bones.  Over a million years, gnawing has become one of the genetic features of dog. Wild dogs inherited this feature better in the natural selection process. Wild dogs are domesticated by people becoming pet dog at present, but they still have many genetic features like adored bones gnawing.

2. The importance of calcium inside bones.

Calcium is an important mineral, it is essential for bone's development. Supplement calcium for your dog sufficient and reasonable is one of the issues interested by many people. Calcium is necessary for the formation of bones and teeth. when their body lacks of calcium, it causes many serious diseases that affect your dog. Here is some disease:

+Malformed bones


+Muscle weakness

+Blood pressure and heart in low

+Tooth weakness

+Brittle bones

+the body development slowly, easy to get ill

+Weak vision

In general, a dog needs to provide calcium fold in 4 times with human. When we bring up a dog, amount of daily food provides  dog with certain calcium. However, this amount of calcium is quite low and not enough to supply your dog. Furthermore, aside from amount of calcium in food, we need to provide it for dog especially with some large dog like Becgie, Doberman, Husky, Alaska, Clam, ect. Calcium difference caused by lack of calcium in their diet or vitamin D affecting the absorption of calcium from the blood into the bone.


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