Whistle GPS Pet Tracker Reviews

The Whistle 3G Dog GPS tracker is not only waterproof and robust, it also enables you to view your pet’s location from anywhere, anytime. you can track your furry friend in real time – without limits. Access the location history on your smartphone and enjoy many more fun features together with your pet.

Pinpoint your pet’s location with this top-rated smart GPS activity tracker for your pet.

Whether you have a kitty that wanders at night or an escape artist pooch, get peace of mind anytime and stay in the know about your pet’s whereabouts. Track your pet's adventures very well, you can follow your pet’s location over 24-hour periods to see where they went, when they went there – and with whom. The live tracking feature enables you in real time to see where your pet is currently located. The position is updated every 2-3 seconds and displayed on the map in the app or on the Internet. You can get the text, app or email notifications when your pet leaves from home. Moreover, monitor your pet’s daily activities and know how your pet measures up for their age, weight and breed. Long battery life maybe lengthen lasts up to 7 days. Whistle 3 has the longest - lasting battery of its kind.

Safe zone is safe dog, define a safe area with the Virtual Fence feature and get an instant notification if your pet leaves the area. Dog tracking has never been easier. Whistle GPS Pet Tracker not only shows you where your pet is currently. The history also shows you where your dog or cat was before. And the full location history of your pet is just one of many special features.

Durable & waterproof

Whistle GPS Pet Tracker was built to survive every swim with your pet, it is a lightweight & waterproof GPS tracking device, recommended for pets above 9 pounds. For safe dogs the robust GPS pet finder easily attaches to any collar or harness.

You can Use this GPS tracker dog collar attachment in over 100 countries, manage all features and access your pet’s location via the free GPS app or in any browser. This one has no range limitation unlike many other bluetooth GPS finders. Whistle GPS devices are IPX7 waterproof and shock resistant.


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