VIMOV Pet Training Bells Reviews

VIMOV pet training bells, set of 2 dog bells for potty training and communication device.

A great way to house train your kitty or doggie train her to communicate to you when she needs to go out to potty or feeding is by teaching her to ring a bell. This is a very difficult way to train, you have to be patient to practice with him until he is skillful. Only for pets which passed the basic training steps. Teach your dog to this simple, innovative system to communicate potty time without pacing, scratching, whining or barking.


Material: Stainless steel and ABS plastic.

Funny and easy to use, big enough button for dog to press the button. Cutely paw print with black & white color match classical. Dogs and cats are very smart. As long as we have patience, when they press the button we can give them rewards and praises, just repeated practice, and it can improve the feelings with the lovely pet. Water resistant – no wires or plugs makes the activator great for indoor or outdoor use. Paint surface, not easy to rust, pleasant sound, thick and durable, no battery required.

Training bell makes a pleasant sound. The pleasant chime sound is loud as well as clear without noisy sound. When your friend call you and you can get the message clearly wherever you are in the house. When your dog needs to go out, communicate with your dogs by ringing the bell, demonstrate it few times to let your pet understand your intention repeatedly. Simple structure, easy to operate, push down with your palm to make it ring and also can be desk call bells for stores, restaurants, bar and hotel.

Do you know how to train them?

First: Take up your lovely dogs or cats front paw and put it on the bell. Both do it and talk to them because they are also able to understand our language very well.

Second: Teach your lovely dogs or cats to press the button at the top of the bell then give a reward after ringing. You need to offer them food or candy to encourage by their good job.

Third: Repeat for three to five days, as long as they press the button they will get the food or reward. Dogs adore playing games and this activity is also like a game. To pass this one, your puppy can both train and play games with them.

The next time your four-legged friend needs to go outside, he can just ring the bell for service


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