Using dog muzzle

You should know, definitely do not muzzle dogs as a way to prevent them from barking or biting furniture. It will cause them to feel uncomfortable and lose their freedom, hot stretchers and hate muzzles more.

When to use dog muzzle?

In emergencies such as a dog being injured or in a state of fear, they can attack instinctively to defend themselves.

In case the dog is threatened, they will panic and unconsciously attack to protect themselves. Or, if your dog has ever bitten with other dogs, even biting people, you need to take them to a veterinarian or dog training center.

But you can also use the muzzle for dogs to prevent these foolish acts from happening. Avoid situations where your dog bites innocent people or other dogs bring the feeling of being threatened.

In the event that you take your dog to look like a pruning, bathing and routine check-up in the veterinary care center, your pets will find it unfamiliar if strangers touch and care for you. Therefore, you should wear a muzzle to ensure safety, as well as to avoid dog barking to make noise.

There are also some cases depending on the type of dog that must wear muzzle. But, unfortunately, there is no law that clearly and carefully regulates some particularly fierce breeds of dogs, which are necessary to wear muzzle in public places.

When should the muzzle not be used?

Dog muzzle should only be used for a short time, if used for a long time there is a risk of making them uncomfortable and become irritable. Especially when eating, or in the case of flu, difficulty breathing, ...

If the dog always barks and bites the furniture, the way to wear a muzzle for dogs is not how to handle the problem properly and properly. Because there's always a reason your new dog always bites and bites things.

Possibly, they are in a state of anxiety, boredom, persecution and intimidation; Or simply want to get your attention. What you should do now is find out the exact reason, barking and biting furniture indiscriminately because of the many reasons that lead to and cannot naturally disappear.

You should note, absolutely do not use muzzle as a way to punish puppies when they do wrong, or make mistakes. It is impossible to thoroughly handle the problem, the dog

Choose the appropriate muzzle for pets

- Nylon dog muzzle: With this type, you will be assured of soft, light materials, can be breathable and not uncomfortable, suitable for all dog breeds. This kind of muzzle opens easily, is easy to use and can buy this kind of muzzle at reputable stores.

- Plastic dog muzzle: This kind of material has light and durable material, adds breathable function and is adjustable in size. Reduce the ability to secretly wear.

- Mesh nylon dog muzzle: Has a breathable and durable performance, but only suitable for long muzzle dogs.

- Dog muzzle with mesh cloth: This type is used for bathing and vaccination. Lightweight fabric, breathable.

- Soft leather muzzle: Durable and easy to use, made from soft leather, makes dog feel comfortable to wear.

- Hard buffalo dog muzzle: Very durable and easy to use, but has the disadvantage of not being able to use for a long time because the material is uncomfortable.


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