Types of poodle dog in the world

How many types of Poodle dogs? How to distinguish Poodle dog lines like? Let's find out more about this Poodle breed?

Nowadays, you can catch images of cute Poodle dogs with different sizes and characteristics while going on the street or anywhere. So what are the specific types of Poodle dogs and how to distinguish them? Here are some information to help you.

Currently, Poodle dogs have a total of 4 main lines: (Teacup, Tiny and Moyen), Miniture, Toy Poodle and Standard. Of these four Poodle breeds, there is the most popular Toy Poodle series because they are of medium size and are suitable for indoor environments.

1. The Poodle Standard

This is the largest line of dogs in the Poodle family. They can be as tall as 50cm and weigh up to 35 kg. With such a huge size, Standard is not the preferred target of Vietnamese people as their tastes are to keep small Poodle lines, suitable for small-area apartment conditions. In contrast to Vietnam, the Poodle Standard line is very popular in the world.

2. Miniature Poodle

Miniature Poodle series is smaller than Standard but with this size, they are not too popular in Vietnam. Height can reach up to 25-35cm and weight <9 kg. Aike Standard one, Miniture is also quite popular in the world.

3. Toy Poodle

Toy Poodle is the popular type and is raised in the largest quantity in many countries. They are popular not only by aristocratic fur but also by the height and body size that are just enough to nourish in the city apartment environment. This Poodle series is only 30cm tall and the maximum weight can be reached up to 5kg. At one time, this breed of dog caused a fever in the puppy farming community around the world.

4. Smallest Poodle

In addition to the 3 above Poodle series, there is also the smallest size Teacup, Tiny and Moyen. They are even smaller than the Toy Poodle series mentioned above. However, these little dogs are quite rare and the success rate is not high. Even though they are small dogs, they have gained sympathy from a female division - people who love small dogs. The cost of these dogs is also high.

Especially in these 3 lines, there are Teacup lines which are very popular on social networks when the body size just fits with 1 cup. This is the rarest Poodle dog line with a very small success rate.


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