Turquoize Dog Pet Bath Towel Reviews

Turquoize dog pet bath towel 100% microfiber ultra absorbent quick dry towel (2 pack ) 32-inch by 16-inch plus 24-inch by 14-inch soft chenille with hand pockets gray.

Are you tired of your beloved pet walking through the house soaking wet with muddy paws? So I think this towel is suitable for you, It will make drying your dog easier. This multi-purpose bath time solution added as a bath mat and ultra-absorbent towel, vocation dog towel.  This is a kind of super absorbent towel manufactured on advanced technology. It is not the same as other regular towels.


This product is very convenient to use, it has dual hand pockets on either end for belly and face drying. You can wrap the towel around their body, keep the wiggly pooches in place while mopping them up. It was made of soft, ultra-absorbent chenille microfiber to soak up water and dry your dog with less effort to get your pup dry with less hassle, it has two hand pockets each side, so you can hold your pal with more ease. The sturdily stitched strands simply work great for dogs, cleaning off dirt and really absorbing water very well. Your dog will dry quickly, so it can be used over and over again without ever getting the dreaded “wet dog” smell.

Moreover, it is able to absorb high, 10 times more absorbent than regular towels. Soaks up water & dirt like giant sponge, the quick-drying design remains bacteria and odor free. You will have peace of mind  because it is so easy for cleaning. Machine wash separately, no chlorine bleach, dryer safe on low and no fabric softeners.

Super Plush Shag

It is available in a convenient  2 - pack. Great for small, medium to large dogs, also cats.

Type 1: Measures 32-inch x 16-inch plus 24-inch x 14-inch (2 pack)

Type 2: Measures each 24-inch x 14-inch (2 pack)

This dog towel set come in a variety of colors such as taupe, gray, navy blue, duck egg blue. It’s great for different weight dogs up to 80 lbs, Multi-use for the backdoor, back of the car, rainy days and bath days. This towel is super-absorbent, no more "wet doggy" smell, your dog will enjoy the confortable feeling as it massages him while it dries.

Super absorbent towels for long-haired cats and dogs is very essential so If you are looking for a dog bath towel that makes a statement, shop Turquoize dog bath towels. With so many fun, vibrant sizes and colors to choose from, you’re sure to find the perfect one for your pup.


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