Travel Pet Carrier Purse By ANGEL DOGGY Reviews

Travel Pet Carrier Purse By ANGEL DOGGY- Small Dog & Cat Polyester Travel Tote- Comfortable, Soft Sided, Airline Approved Shoulder Handbag For Puppy & Kitten- Go Shopping, Hiking, Walking, With Doggy.

Summer comes, the tourist activities starts getting excited, people flocks into travel, camping, climbing mountain and swimming in the sea. You also plan to travel somewhere far away or simply move to another place, but you want to take your puppy with you. You are looking to buy a bag to carry them but you don’t know what kind of bag is good. I support you to buy this bag, I find it quite good because I have used it for 6 months, and I have 2. I find it quite suitable to bring a puppy, puppy not too big.

Travel pet carrier purse by ANGEL DOGGY is a high-quality bag, you certainly don't have to worry about the durable bags because of this travel pet handbag, made of high-quality brown pattern Polyester with PU coating filling with foam and black polyester inner guarantees top durability. Owners is very favorite them and best-selling product, this bag is very popular in many countries all over the world especially in America.

If you don't believe in this bag if you believe that it not safe and comfortable you can carefully check the bag. Besides, this bag has the ergonomic zipper at the top ensures easy access to the doggy or kitten. The mesh in the middle offers optimum ventilation. The comfortable elastic neck rest prevents your pet from channeling outside. You will not have to worry that your puppy will be uncomfortable in a narrow place, oppressive, hot space, etc. Bag with a strap is very convenient for moving. It's like you're wearing a normal handbag, really conveniently portable. This stylish pet carrier pouch is designed with anti-slipping shoulder PC at the top of the handle and weighing just 0.38kg/ 0.83lb. You can easily fold it and take it into a cabinet, very clean With a size of L14’’XW8’’  ''XH10’’, this ergonomic pet carrier purse is ideal for small dogs or cats up to 2kg/ 4.4lb, although its weight bearing capability is over 15kg/33lb.

If you are a dog lover, you love your dog’s breed the most. Its a fact, people identify with their dog’s breed. So lucky for them, I’ve found the perfect holiday gift for that person passionate about their dog and their dog’s breed. Travel pet carrier purse by ANGEL DOGGY is the perfect pet dog lover holiday gift. This is a wonderful and unique summer gift for dog lovers.


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