Top of the cutest white dog

White dogs are one of the many favorite colors of pets. The white dogs create a gentle and extremely cute feeling. Here are some of the most beautiful white coat!

1.    White husky

Husky dogs are also known as Chukcha dogs, Chuksha, Keshia - this is a line of sled dogs originating from Siberia of Russia.

The rate of a husky with white fur is extremely scant. White husky dogs also have a mischievous personality similar to those of regular husky breeds. Characteristics of husky breeds identification are located in almond-shaped eyes, slight hips and very small pupils. White husky dogs often have pink or red noses.

As adults, white husky dogs can weigh between 16 and 27kg, height ranges from 50 - 60cm. Husky dogs have an average life expectancy of 12-15 years.

2.    White poodle

Poodle dogs have many colors, the most popular colors are chocolate, gray, milky white and black. However, white poodle dogs are high-cost dogs.

The mature white poodle dogs have curly, ruffled white hairs like cotton balls. Like the other colors, the white poodle also has round black eyes, a small, black branched nose that is extremely cute. Depending on the poodle breed, the dogs will have different sizes and different prices.

3.    White Alaska

The Alaska dog is a breed of sled dogs with relatives of husky dogs. However, Alaska dogs are more gentle, their coat is longer and their weight is larger than that of the husky breed. 

White Alaska dogs are often easily confused with samoyed dogs. However, if you look carefully, you can see that the color of Alaska's eyes is browner, worse than the samoyed line. Not only is the snout of white Alaska as sharp as Samoyed but also especially the fur of Alaska is not as long as Samoyed.

4.    White Samoyed

Samoyed dogs have the same origins as husky and Alaska dogs and they are known as adorable snow dogs.

The pure samoyed breed has a long white coat, slightly black eyes, a big black nose. The Samoyed breed is more gentle than the husky and Alaska.

5.    White pug

White pug dogs have a body that is exactly the same as regular pug breeds. However, their difference is coat color. White pug dogs usually have a white body covering, even their snout.

6.    White Beige

Becgie dog, one of the famous dog lines from Germany famous around the world. The dogs Beige are considered to be the indispensable companion of the police.

Becgie dogs have a healthy, robust body and a large body weight. These dogs are aggressive and extremely intelligent. Dogs Beige usually have yellow - black or yellow. In some individuals, the mutated gene will be white. In some other dogs, white fur is considered rare but for Beige the white coat color is considered a non-pure color and removed.

7.    White Akita

Akita dog is one of the dogs from the sunrise country - Japan. Akita dogs have cute faces and smiling faces. Akita dogs have a gentle nature, well-wrapped and extremely docile. Their popular coat color is yellow mixed with white. In some individuals, their fur is mutated to a very interesting white.


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