Top 5 popular Japanese dog breeds

Japanese breeds are always highly appreciated for their intelligence, beauty and absolute loyalty.

They are always the admiration of the Japanese so that many people nowadays want to grow up them. This review will introduce to you, Top 5 popular Japanese dog breeds

1.    Akita Inu

At the top of the list of the most beloved Japanese breeds in the world is Akita Inu, which is one of the dogs that brings pride to the Japanese people and one of the ancient dog breeds. The oldest when they appeared in the world at least 2000 years ago. Akita Inu is considered to be the treasure of the Japanese Imperial Family as a symbol of the authorization of symbols for prosperity. So from the moment, these Japanese dogs appeared it became one of the most raised animals in the palace.

After the Second World War, Akita dogs began to be brought back to the United States and here the dogs were developed strongly and much more popular. And that is one of the reasons that these dogs are becoming more and more popular.

These Japanese dogs have a very strong personality. They only really obey the owners they feel most trustworthy, the rest are always very stubborn. These Japanese dogs also do not like to be pampered but fully independent so Akita does not need their owners to spend too much time to take care of them.

2.    Shiba Inu

Shiba Inu is one of the dogs known to have the happiest face. That is why it always brings to people who possess an extremely happy feeling. This is also the dream of the owners who desire to own a Japanese dog. Unlike Akita Inu, Shiba Inu dogs have a much smaller body, which is also considered one of the smallest breeds in Japan. So people always want to choose is to become one of the companion dogs in the house.

However, to take carer of Shiba Inu dogs in the best way, maybe not everyone can do this well. As an ancient dog, it still has many original features and lives with high independence. If the training is good, it will surely be one of the dogs that are considered perfect when it does not need their owners to spend too much time to take care of Shiba Inu. The dog has a clean trending in its life and he is very loyal with their owners. 

3.    Hokkaido-ken

This breed appeared more than 3,000 years ago and became one of the extremely powerful hunting dogs. Thus, it also became one of the loyal friends, an effective companion of the Japanese. Hokkaido-ken is one of the very smart dogs. They are always wary of strangers sometimes even violent. This dog possesses a relatively large appearance when it can grow to 56 cm.

With a body that fits well in a strong muscular body with absolute intelligence and has an amazing ability to observe. If you are raised well, it is certain that you will have a good and smart Japanese dog even if you take care of it with science training, you can turn them into trusted friends to be able to play with children.

4.    Kishu-Inu

If you want to own a snow-white dog, Kishu-Inu is one of your top choices. These dogs are also extremely popular with their loyalty. In addition, Kishu-Inu is also known as one of the hunting dogs for hunting purposes when they have an extremely sharp nose and extraordinary strength. This Japanese dog always enjoys movement.

5.    Shikoku-Inu

In Japanese breeds, this is one of the dogs considered to have the wildest features of nature. It possesses looks that are considered quite similar to those of wolves.

Just like all other Japanese dogs, this dog has a very loyal personality as well as an extremely high alert for strangers. Its beauty comes from the wildness with strength and personality plus a gentle but rather stubbornly gentle gait and likes to run and jump. So for those owners who wish to own this Japanese breed, they need to be special in the way of taking care of. 


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