Top 5 brands of synthetic antibiotic for pets

A synthetic antibiotic will help your pet's body increase its resistance. Help them fight against harmful bacteria that can invade and attack the body.

Especially in common infections such as ear, eye, skin and respiratory infections,…etc. However, the owners should use the medicine according to doctor advise to have effective results. This review will offer to you some best brands to buy synthetic antibiotic for pets:

1.    Clavamox 

Antibiotics for pets from Clavamox brand are produced in an easy-to-use tablet form. This medicine is commonly used in veterinary hospitals and clinics. It is used to treat infections of the skin, respiratory, urinary tract or handle infections caused by abscesses and open wounds.

They are able to effectively kill pathogenic bacteria. Prevent the entry of bacteria throughout the body of cats and dogs. For the most effective use, you can mash the medicine very small and mix it into the food of the pet.

2.    Biomox 

Biomox antibiotics are a semi-synthetic Amoxicillin. They are widely used to treat bacterial dermatitis and infections in soft tissues. Especially open wounds, accidental cuts or animal bites.

Using antibiotics from Biomox brand for dogs will help them fight pain and increase the body's resistance to pollution from the external environment. When using you should pay attention to the health status of your dog. Be careful with the ingredients of the medicine, make sure that the pet is not allergic to them.

3.    Metronidazol

Metronidazol is an oral pill for dogs and cats. It is used by veterinarians in the treatment of various infection caused by parasites. Moreover, it has a strong effect in the treatment of gastritis.

In particular, this drug can also completely solve infections in the digestive system and in the pet's mouth. Destroy and prevent the most sensitive infections. Note, do not use the medicine with cats and dogs that are pregnant or nursing.

4.    Tobramycin

Tobramycin antibiotic is used for the treatment of eye-related infections. Includes all internal and external injuries. It prevents the growth and spread of bacteria that cause infections in dog and cat eyes. Drugs in liquid form, you can easily drip into the eyes of pets. Moreover, the medicines are accepted by experts for using in humans. However, take note before using the ingredients of the medicine.

5.    Posatex Otic Suspension

Synthetic antibiotics from Posatex Otic Suspension brand are used to treat infections of the middle ear infection. Produced and prepared in an aqueous solution. Direct contact drip will increase efficiency immediately and timely prevent the development of fungal bacteria that cause ear infections in dogs.


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