Top 5 best puppy collars in 2019

In this review, we will offer to clients top 5 best puppy collars in 2019:

A dog has become the best friend of human for a long time so that we need to take care of them carefully as a real member in our relationship. Nowadays, people often buy for their dogs some beautiful accessories like collars, clothes, harness,…to make them become more fashion. In this review, we will offer to clients top 5 best puppy collars in 2019:

1.    The best-rolled collar: Collar Direct

The main material of the collar is genuine leather so it is totally softness for the neck of a dog. The rolled puppy collars are absolutely suited for long coat dog breeds, the round shape can against tangling and damaging dog’s coat. The product is handmade making so that all the edges are cut carefully, the puppies can feel more comfortable when wearing it. The size of the rolled collar is produced to suit dogs with a neck circumference of 6’’. The manufacturer releases 14 types of collars which are different about colors, thus, customers will have more choices for their puppies. 

2.    The best waterproof collar: Kurgo

If you want to lead your puppy go swimming, play outside in the mud,… you should have a special collar and leash to handle this problem. We couldn’t use an original collar because it will absorb water or dirt and causes bad odors, bacteria which are the main problems for dog’s scratching. Thus, you need a special product from Kurgo brand which is waterproof, dirt and odor free. The product is produced without PVC, made of a soft webbing to give a comfortable feeling for a puppy. The manufacturer offers a variety of colorful collars for customers such as Atlantic blue prepster stripe, Atomic drop, Color splash, Crop circles barn red,… etc. 

3.    The best GPS collar: Tristar

If you don’t have enough time to walk with your puppy but you still want to let your pet go outside alone to have more activities, the owner should have a tool to track the way and position of your puppy. To solve this problem, we really want to introduce to you the best GPS collar from Tristar brand. It links with Google Map and shows the position of a puppy on your equipment so that your pet can not be lost. Moreover, the owners can know the history location of their dog to keep them happy, safe and healthy. 

4.    The best overall collar: Blueberry

Blueberry is famous for colorful collars and many shapes. The product always makes with high-quality material is nylon fabric; these buckles are produced from friendly plastic. It has nearly 40 different color collars such as baby pink, black, blazing yellow, custard, dark orchid, emerald, fired brick, flint gray, orange,…

5.    The best training puppy collar: Pawtitas

Pawtitas dog collar is the best selection for the owners who are taking care of puppies and small breeds. It is designed so simple to use, however, the structure of this collar is strong, endurable,… so that people can use it for a long time. Moreover, the Pawtitas collar is designed to reflect ambient light in the low conditions of light. The manufacturer provides to clients 13 different colors of the collars. 


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