Top 10 dog supplies website in Germany

These are the 10 websites which provide dog supplies in Germany you can refer:

Nowadays, dogs have become our best friends or members of a family so we should take care of them carefully like a human. We must use for them the quality supplies because these products don’t make any allergies for your dogs. In Germany, people in this country love their dogs so much, therefore they often buy the quality supplies to avoid any allergies for pets. These are the 10 websites which provide dog supplies in Germany you can refer:

1. website provides many items of dog supplies which come from famous manufacturers. Moreover, Zooplus was the winner of Voted best online pet retailer in 2018 so that customer can believe in not only the quality of merchandises but also good services of the website. If you are a new customer, you can receive 5% off in your first order – that is why you should choose Zooplus to use. 


This website doesn’t provide food supplies for dogs because the main function of Breker is it sells the health products for pets. It has so many merchandises for customers to choose and use. 

3. provides for customers all the dog supplies they want such as flea and tick control, worm control, health, care, food and treats behavior and calming, home and environment. Moreover, you can refer to some pet care tips on this website to improve your dog caring. 


 With Beeztees website, customers can experience online shopping conveniently with a variety of products for activities like playing, traveling, staying, eating,…etc. Although the website just has a few merchandises, all of them are so adorable and quality.


As for right as the name of this website, Happydog website provides to customers all items which make their dogs become happier. Furthermore, the website often offers clients the brief functions of products so people can understand more clearly about it. 

6. contains many items for dogs with food or non-food. On the website, it has some new models which are popular in Germany so people can believe when using the merchandises for their pets.


Another website customers can refer to buy dog supplies is – it provides to you all the quality items from famous manufacturers. However, clients must create an account before access to the website. 


Futterhaus is very popular with German because it has a variety of dog supplies from food, playing, tips,…etc. The website is so adorable and easy for using, moreover, it contains many sales off programs which attracted huge of customers. 


Schnauz-Schnurr is not only an online shop but also the real store in Germany. This website provides some dog supplies such as houses, food, health control,…etc. A lot of food merchandises are produced by this shop with natural ingredients so the price of them are cheaper than other stores.


The last website in this review is Sonnenberg which provides many dog supplies, all of the items are so quality and adorable. Moreover, all products are introduced by a brief instruction so the customers can understand more about it.



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