Token and precautionary measure rabies of dog

Rabies is a pernicious infection very dangerous, rabies caused by virus between people and animal. Moreover, it caused pitiful death and horrible symptom on the victim. Until nowadays it’s not treatment so rabies brings about serious damage for both domestic animal and owner.

Here are some features to notice rabies of dog

Rabies belongs to Rhabdoares virus designed by ARN and viral envelope around. It is able to exist in the human body from 2 to 8 weeks before falling ill. If virus transfers from slaver into dog’s bite, incubation period maybe shortens 10days left.

An animal without vaccination is easy to be an infective disease. Your pet always wanders outside and get in touch with another disease animal, in this way rabies has a chance to transfers virus from an ill animal into the healthy animal through bites directly. The feature of the disease is a nervous system affected by virus, it causes central nervous disordered before paralysed brain and encephalitis comes. Your pet gets into a state of panic (insane) and dies after. Rabies always expresses into 2 forms, rabid and dumb.

Symptom of rabies

After getting a disease virus breaks to epithelium, muscle and developed, they even exist many days or many months in the human body. This time your pet does not have any expression, they look healthy. From 1 to 3 months after virus begins to breaks into nervous, they attack the brain and spinal cord. Virus spends 12-180 days to spread throughout peripheral nervous and central nervous system finally. This period of time, rabies develop rapidly and your pet gets clear manifestation. Virus exists in slaver, tear, breast milk, or even urine of animal. Finally, the host will die within 4-5 days. 

2 periods of rabies

incubation: It maybe from 7 to many days depend on species, virus, bite position. Most of the disease fall ill from 21-30 days after an animal was infected, dog is 10 days. Most of the symptom usually does not detect or mistake with other diseases. That is the reason why diagnosis this period of time is really hard and need the assistance of a veterinarian.

falling ill: It separates into 2 forms, rabid and dumb.

in fact, there are many dogs getting disease both of them interchange. the beginning time has a mad expression after that disease transfers to inhibit animal and poliomyelitis.

Precautionary measures

- Vaccinated for a dog against rabies yearly.

- We have to put a dog on a chain, do not set free them to the public place. When we let out a pet to the public place, it must be overseeing.

- When our dog has a manifestation as leaving food, high temperature, fever or cruel. We have to call veterinary immediately.

- Decontaminated disease place, the dead body must burry or fire carefully.


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