TKSTAR Pet Tracker Review

In this review, we are glad to introduce customers the best product in 2019 is TKSTAR Pet Tracker:

After a hard-working day, people often want to hang out with friends or maybe with their dog to relax. However, dogs are so naughty and often playing far away from the controlled range of human so that we need the tools to observe them when walking outside. The most popular thing to handle this problem is GPS Collar which is attached with modern technology and high – quality structure. In this review, we are glad to introduce customers the best product in 2019 is TKSTAR Pet Tracker

The first impression of the product is high technology and modern style, it is attached with GPS function which can help people locate the dog’s position exactly. The collar can give accurate positioning of dogs for the owners because it is linked with Google Map, thus, people don’t worry about losing their pets. Moreover, TKSTAR Collar has the historical track to save all the places which the dogs were coming frequently to let the owners can keep animals healthy, safe and happy. Other functions are combined on App such as Low Battery Alarm, Sleep Mode, Geo-Fence, Real-time tracking, Free tracking platform, a multi-language menu, Adjustable dog collar. 

The addition device you need to buy when you had TKSTAR collar is a 2G card with 850/900/1800/1900MHz, the product does not support 3G/4G card. The manufacturer provides customers 5 different colors of the collar are black, orange, red, green and yellow. 

How to work it?

1.    Insert the SIM Card

When you put the SIM card into the right place of GPS collar, the device will have a GPS signal (blue light flashes) and GPRS signal (green light flashes). If you don’t see these signals, customers must check the reasons with 3 situations as below:

The SIM card is not read and inserted.

Using the wrong GSM SIM card.

No GPS signal in the room (try again outside).

2.    Download App

The App which clients should download on the App Store is TKSTAR GPS or customers can scan the QR code in the manual. 

If the GPS signal is offline or the location is wrong, it needs to set APN.

3.    Set APN

The manufacturer will have detail instruction for setting APN in the user manual of the product. 



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