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You want to have a Pitbull as a pet? You are short of knowledge about Pitbull. Do not worry because here are some basic informations about Bulldog.

Historical origin and origin of Bulldog

According to studies, this massive breed has a long history of development. It is this dog that can be considered as an important factor contributing to the creation of some new dogs with hybrid technology. Often people will choose their superior characteristics to breed new dog products such as Dog Bully, or Bull terrier ... Because of the precious characteristics of this dog, the breeders have been create breeding varieties.

Do you know exactly where the history of the bulldog is from? That is from the old mastiff of Asia and then it really developed strongly in his beautiful country. And today, bulldog dogs have relatively different characteristics and characteristics than their aquatic counterparts.

The bulldog species was originally named so because of its well-formed appearance, it was said to be fierce, like muscular bulls and possessing a remarkable power as they always full of vitality and ready to fight.

Some outstanding features of Bulldog dogs

The bulldog dog possesses a very beauty, you will be completely impressed by their majestic appearance. Letting the bulldog dog stand out, the first thing to talk about is that they are low, big and very strong. Moreover, they possess a very large, large and wide head set. According to studies, Bulldog dog experts believe that the wider the head of a dog, the better it is, is that it is a good dog.

On the bulldog's face there are wrinkles arranged in layers from the upturned black nose upwards to the dog's eyes. Very big bulldog eyes, far apart. Dog eyes are usually black, and often fall towards the eyes. Dog ears are small, always hanging down. Besides, they have trophy tails or drop very little when they prick up their backs.

What are the special characteristics of bulldog coat colors? Usually, they have a short, close-fitting fur with a variety of colors such as brown, white, yellow and often the combination of these colors. Particularly for this type of dog, black is not acceptable during the dog show about the bulldog dog.

Characteristics of bulldog dogs

They belong to quite gentle, friendly dogs in contrast to their superficial looks and their cool parts. Bulldog dogs are endowed with the ability to look after their homes. If you are looking for a nice breed to watch for your home, bulldog is one of the ideal choices. They are very reliable at work. You are completely assured when assigning guard guard for them. A breed of dog is very suitable for indoor and family farming. They are gentle, friendly, intelligent and very affectionate. More specifically, this is a dog that loves to play with children. For bulldog dogs, you don't necessarily have to have a training ground or playground too big, sometimes you can let them walk around the house, that's fine.

However, there are still stubborn individuals, and at that time, it needs to have a strict owner and understand their character, everything will go back to the rules. When they know their role in the family, they will be friendly and always close to all family members.

Living conditions of Bulldog dogs

Bulldog is a sedentary dog, if you let him eat a lot and lazy to exercise, he will definitely get fat. And now, it is no different from a round, fat, round mound, this bulldog dog will not run but just roll. Therefore, when raising a bulldog in your home, you definitely need to keep them active, not necessarily working with a high intensity, maybe just as if you were to give them a yard. Play or lead them along while you are exercising every evening.

Wear your dog a dog strap, and make sure the dog is always around when you're jogging. This will keep both dogs and neighbors safe.

Bulldog dogs love cool weather, with hot summer weather like in our country, you need to have a diet and daily activities for them carefully.

How to care for bulldog dog fur?

For each dog species, in addition to the criteria of shape, body ... the fur also affects quite a lot to the beauty of the dog. Therefore you should regularly take care of the fur for them and especially with your bulldog dog. Bulldog dogs often have a short, smooth coat. You need to regularly brush them with combs or specialized brushes for dog grooming.

When should you bath them? It is not necessary to shower regularly, and only bathe when necessary, for example they go dirty somewhere, or have a bad smell or another reason. Instead, clean your dog's face often, especially in the areas of wrinkles on the face, because the dirt is very sticky to those slots.

Currently there are many types of dog food on the market, many foods have limited skin and fur problems. Buyers can choose according to their age, breed and pet health status.

Taking care of a Bulldog dog is not too picky and difficult. If you find it difficult to learn and learn from the experience of someone who has ever raised bulldogs, this can be a great help. 


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