These are some harmful foods to your dog

There are many kinds of people consider our food as nutritious food for dog, they feed their left food for dog but do not know hazards maybe rush down their dog anytime. Because their stomach does not digest these substances.

1. Onion, garlic 

Recently , researchers point out a compound called Thiosulphate and organosulfur containing in onion using this compound in high dose, it will become anaemic or die if charging every day. These foods containing onion effect to their vitality especially puppy. Moreover, you do not feed food as shallot, fry onion, green onion, and garlic. A dog having a big size is able to withstand better more than a puppy. According to Tina Swan, a veterinarian of animal insurance organization said:" Onion's poison maybe harm to a dog and so costly to treat an after-effect remaining". Eating a large amount of big onion, the dog’s liver will become injured, allergic reaction as diarrhoea, vomiting, falling down to weak situation, asthma, dermatitis. Anaemic which is a serious problem that occurs, when dog's red corpuscle cell dies or due to side-effect. It is a result of decreasing red corpuscle cell, makes it anaemic.

2. Xylitol

Xylitol is a compound replacement of  sugar or sweetener is used by many people, but it is harmful to your dog. It is used to make many products as candy, chewing gum, marmalade, chocolate. Dog is different with people, xylitol is able to make dog's body release an amount of big insulin into blood is the cause of blood sugar decreasing under normal degree ( called hypoglycemia ) if you feed large amounts of xylitol, your pet will suffer impaired liver with a painful death. Xylitol poisonous token included: vomiting by blood sugar decreasing, mental breakdown. If your dog is poisoned, go to the veterinary surgery in the space of 12-24 hours after the symptom appears.

3. Chocolate

You may offer chocolate to your friends and others but not your dog. According to a research, chocolate contains Theobromine, a harmful matter that damages your dog’s organism. Theobromine is a chemical that makes urination increase, harmful to kindney, stimulating central nervous system, cardiovascular system, blood pressure increasing. Their body does not transform as fast as people ,so if we feed amount of chocolate like us to dog’s stomach, Theobromine ‘s impact on their body is  adverse. The stronger chocolate contains, the more harmful it is. Chocolate only harms dog’s health with a high quantity.

4. Walnut

Walnut is one kind of corn that you should not give to your dog if you do not want them to get bedridden. Walnut does not start a death but it causes many kinds of intestinal disease, it includes: England walnut, Japan walnut, black walnut is discovered in the north-east American. A dog will become convulsive and quavering.

5. Caffeine

Like chocolate, Caffeine has an impact on your pet by stimulation matter inside it. Caffeine also starts tachycardia, vomiting diarrhea, blood pressure increasing, convulsion and death. You must be careful with all of caffeine as coffee corn, coffee powder, cafe's garbage, do not let him eat these foods


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