The world's largest dogs

Tibetan goose dogs, black Russian terriers ... are dogs that weigh dozens of kilograms that attract a lot of attention from the community.

1. Tibetan clam dog

This type of dog has a rather large size, at least 70 cm high, weighs between 64 and 90 kg. Tibetan clam dog has a characteristic neck hair that looks like a lion mane. This dog existed 5,000 years ago and is considered to be the most ancient genome in the world today.

2. French clam dog

The French clam dog also known as the Dogue de Bordeaux is a clam dog originating from France. This dog has a short and compact body, ranging from 58 to 75 cm and weighing between 54 and 65 kg, the head is large and wrinkled. The French clam dog is considered to be a kind dog and is quite calm, loyal, patient and very loving with the owner.

3. Black Russian Terrier

This type comes from the old Soviet Union Russia. Males are 64 -74 cm tall, females are 64 - 72 cm tall, weigh about 36 - 65 kg. The four legs are covered with coarse hair, 5 - 10 cm long. This dog is considered to be brave and quick-eyed, especially enjoying contact with people and animals.

4. Saint Bernard dog

This is a large breed of dog from Italy and the Swiss Alps, the average weight of this breed is between 64 and 120 kg and the approximate height at the shoulder is 70 to 90 cm. The coat is usually red and white. The breed is raised for rescue purposes, and they are also raised for protection, protecting warehouses and shepherding sheep on farms.

5. Newfoundland Dog

This is a breed in Canada in the Northern Hemisphere and is raised as a rescue dog. The 69 - 74 cm tall male dog, weighing 59 - 68 kg. The female dog is 63 - 69 cm tall, weighs 45 - 54 kg. This breed results in the breeding of native wolf breeds with giant clam breeds, which are quite gentle and exemplary breeds.

6. Leonberger Dog

Leonberger dog is also known as German Lion dog. They were loved by the Royal Family of Germany, France, Italy and Austria. This breed has a height of 61 - 80 cm and weighs from 50 to 77 kg, yellowish-brown, red yellow, reddish brown or black-brown fur, in addition to sandy and creamy colors.



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