The most popular pitbull nowadays

They are powerful and dedicated warriors. Pitbull, in general, is almost identical in appearance and expression but in fact, it is very diverse in types.

Pitbull originated first in England, massive muscular dogs, sturdy body, sharp teeth, agile, wise, sincere. They are powerful and dedicated warriors. Pitbull, in general, is almost identical in appearance and expression but in fact, it is very diverse in types. If you pay much attention and interest in this dog, you will realize there are at least 25 Pitbull species known as Rough Neck Pit Bull, Chocolate Pit Bull, Blue Noses Pit Bull ...

1. Staffordshire Bull Terrier

The average weight is about 24 -38 pounds. Height is about 14 - 16 inches.

The coat is short, the body is balanced, muscular, active. The head is short combine with a large skull, a nose faces forward, short forehead. It has round dark eyes. The lips are tight but not succulent, the jaw is strong, but has good size, regular.

This is the most favorite dogs for children and many people because of its sociable personality. Having the ability to fight and hunt prey, it's always fun and likes to chase small animals. The space to take care of them in the best way is a space that can run and jump freely.

2. American Staffordshire Terrier

Weight average about 60 - 90 pounds. Height from 17-19 inches.

This is the tallest and heaviest dog in the Pitbull category. We can easily identify them with sleek, thick but short fur, which can blend in different colors but most of them are still in white. The head of this species is large, the muzzle is shorter than other species, the jaws and teeth are sharp with round, black eyes. Their ears are erect and attached to the whole body, so they look very strong and muscular.

This breed is known for hard-to-breed and trained species, unfriendly when meeting strangers, but really being loyal and listening to their master most. From the past to the present, this species is mainly used in guarding, protecting, police, and pulling heavy objects. Living space is suitable for many apartments, but owners need to take them out to exercise more to avoid many common diseases such as osteoporosis and cardiovascular disease. And the owner must remember to wear the muzzle as well as the chain when taking them for a walk.

3. American Pitbull Terrier

The average weight is about 30 - 65 pounds. Height from 15 - 21 inches. The coat is short, smooth, the muscle structure is more clearly defined. The eyes are round, the ears are small, the tail is slightly thick and slender.

They have significant strength, confidence, and enthusiasm for life. This breed is a good companion in the family and is always paid attention to love for children.

4. American Bully

This breed is one of the most powerful breeds in the species. Inherited temperament, aggressiveness and equally athletic body of two species of America Pitbull Terrier and Staffordshire Terrier. About 18-21 inches tall. The head is large, bulky, the forehead is wide, the cheek muscles are clear, the crease is obvious, the ears are high on the head. The ear is cut or not cut. Tight lips. Her neck is large, slightly sagging, skinless. Deep and wide brisket, medium short tail, looks healthy and firm.

Personality Close to people, emotions, and boss. This line of dogs is healthy, hardy but average in shape suitable for the townhouse condition.



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