The most popular brand of dog food in 2019

On the market nowadays, it has a variety of products intended for dogs, so it can cause some confusion for people to find which is the best to use for their pet. In this review, we would like to offer for customers some most popular brands in dog supplies can refer to:

1.    Wellness

Wellness was established in 1970, it has experienced nearly 50 years to produce dog supplies and become the most popular brand in the world. The company focuses on manufacturing food that contains some natural ingredients: high-quality protein, properly fats, carbohydrates and avoids some components which can cause allergies for the dog.

2.    Taste of the Wild

When people mention to grain-free products, they often remember the leading brand is Taste of the Wild. The company is guaranteed all products of them are manufactured from natural sources and supported to increase puppy’s health in highly digestible, healthy coat and skin,..etc. Moreover, the company has a new combination of modern dog food and essential nutrition of wild dogs.

3.    Holistic Select

The Holistic Select company produces dog food with a unique formula which can support for the digestive system. The components include not only probiotics, proteins, fiber but also vegetables and fruits.

4.    Natural Balance

Natural Balance is the first selection of customers who want an effective food product for their dog at a lower price than other brands. This brand is used for any kind of dogs by offering a variety of food products with different ages, breed and nutritional.

5.    Castor and Pollux

The company was established in 1999 and has become a popular brand of pet food in the world. The formula contains organic and natural ingredients so that the owner can believe in using the products for their dog. Castor and Pollux are guaranteed the best healthy and safe food for dogs which offered innovative choices for customers.

6.    Canidae

In 1996, the Canidae company is founded of family owned in their Ethos Pet Nutrition lab in Texas. The brand has provided many products on the market and all of them are tested in the lab carefully. They have scientists to research the healthiest and safest ingredients of dog food.

7.    Nutro

Nutro has provided the products in the market for nearly a century with intend for a variety of breed. The brand has two versions are Max and Ultra; with Max version, it contains organic, farm-raised chicken in components of the product; the other has a blend of salmon, lamb, and chicken to develop our dog’s brain.

8.    Pure Balance

Pure Balance is popular with dog parents because it contains high-quality proteins, fats and using some important ingredients which are totally good for dog’s health. The brand provides a lot of products which can use for a different breed and many price selections for customers.


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