The most 3 lessons to train your dogs

Home dog training is the most basic dog training method that any owner has ever done. That may be just the most basic lessons such as teaching dogs to go to the toilet properly, teaching dogs to shake hands ...

To help the owners  do these things with their dogs, the review will introduce to you some lessons which are used to train dogs at home:

Lesson 1: Teaching dogs to remembers their names when the owners call them

Each dog has a unique name. Calling dog names is the way they recognize themselves. So you should call their name repeatedly to help dogs remember faster. 

You should avoid shouting or using whips because those things will make dog afraid and hurt. The owners can punish it when it's wrong by curling the newspaper and tapping it on the butt. Teaching dogs to run after calling makes you easier to manage them. 

When you want your puppy to come to you, you can briefly say "come here" and combine the action like pulling the dog back to you. Every day you should repeat that action so that dog will understand your commands. Whenever your dog obeys, you can praise him by patting or rubbing his head.

Lesson 2: Controlling dogs with leashes

Before you wear the leash on your dog's neck, you should use a piece of the belt attached to his neck. The owners should instruct it to walk beside you. If he doesn’t listen to you, you should pull the rope lightly and gently with it. Maybe not familiar, so he feels a little uncomfortable.

If a dog continues to struggle, you should shorten the leash and tie it up for 1 hour. Then you release dog will be obedient and non-stubborn when wearing a leash. Training your dog to wear a leash helps you control it easily. Owners should also be aware of the problem that some different breeds will have different personalities. Of course, the way of teaching also has its own characteristics.

Lesson 3: Training dogs with basic lessons like sitting, lying, crawling

Teaching the dog to sit: the owners let it stand next to you, the right-hand holds the neck strap up and the left-hand presses it's head down and say "sit". When it sits, you immediately reward and take food for it. Or you can use food to train. In order for the dog to stand in front, your left-hand grabs the chain and pulls the dog up. The right hand holding the piece of meat kept it in order to call "sitting". When he looks up for meat, he will sit down. Just do so many times your dog will get used to it.

Teaching the dog lying: you take your dog to the playground and let the dog sit down on the left. Then you kneel beside it, the left-hand holds the neck belt, the right-hand holds the piece of meat down to the front of the dog and commands "lying". You should do it a few times when it understands the "lying" command as if you were successful.

Teaching the dog crawling: give your puppy a place with a lawn. The left-hand rests on the dog's shoulder, the right-hand holds the neck strap lightly and gives the order "craw". If it crawls, give the reward immediately.


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