The mastitis of mother dog

The fertility period is the most sacred and wonderful period not only for humans but also for dogs. Besides, this is a dangerous time because the mother dog body is very weak and can produce many different symptoms, including mammary gland is a common and dangerous disease. The review of will be sharing all related knowledge so that owners can handle flexible when encountering a similar situation:

1. What is mastitis?

Mastitis is one of the many infections in the gland that make milk due to harmful bacteria called Escherichia coli, Staphylococci, ... that cause. If timely detection and treatment of the disease do not pose a life-threatening risk, in the opposite case, the disease will progressively deteriorate and slowly spread into the blood leading to immediate death in the mother dog during the breeding process puppy.

2. Causes of disease:

- The process of feeding a puppy to a tooth or nail to scratch the mammary glands leading to viruses, fungi, ... sticking to the open wound and starting the next infection.

- The blockage of milk flows during the lactation period or improper weaning process.

- The mother dog has hypothermia, high fever or poisoning by used chemicals.

- Infection of the stomach, intestinal system, genital system, and uterus leads to.

- Clean around poor mammary glands.

- Miscarriage or a puppy that dies during birth.

3. How to identify and relate symptoms:

- The breast gland is swollen red, hot and aching while pus and bleeding occur. Sometimes squeeze will appear yellow, white, gray liquid with an unpleasant odor.

- Anorexia, puppy neglect, little activity.

- Fever, coma.

4. How to treat mastitis for dogs:

- The owners must first separate and not let the puppy continue to suckle directly from the mammary gland of the mother's dog. This is harmful to both mother and child, practices breastfeeding for puppies or finds another mother dog to replace if necessary.

- Use a gauze pad and warm water or a pack of swollen cabbage to help the milk gland relax and relieve pain.

- It is best to immediately take your mother to the veterinarian to be diagnosed with the exact cause and have reasonable treatments for each case as follows:

+ Antibiotic therapy: drug Mastometrin is a modern antibiotic that is being treated popularly to eliminate inflammation and restore the present endometrium in the form of injections into the body or under the skin. This type is usually used with Traumatic in the same syringe and the treatment duration lasts from 3 to 5 days.

+ Laser therapy: use special equipment, 3-5 times and last for 2 minutes.

+ Blockade with Novocaine: once every 3 days of this method by using bicillin-3 antibiotic around the affected area.

+ In severe cases, the mammary glands are forced to be removed by surgery.

5. How to prevent:

Ensure a clean environment, keep the mammary glands clean, shave around, cut nails and clean teeth for puppies, providing a complete diet are simple measures that can be applied. use at home.


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