The dangerous foods for dog

The owners usually think that some foods which humans can eat maybe give to their dogs to try. However, that is the wrong thinking totally, if we try to feed the dogs some dangerous foods, they will get some problems with health. That is the reason why the owners should know which are the dangerous foods for dogs to avoid feeding. This review offers to you a variety of dangerous foods for dogs:

1.    Popcorn

Popcorn has a wonderful flavor with a combination of ingredients like a little salt, butter, crunchy,…etc that become an interesting food for human. However, if you feed popcorn which contains all components are mentioned above for dogs that will cause some issues about the digestive system and damage to teeth. In popcorn, it includes high levels of sodium and fat – these are the main reasons cause dehydration and obesity. Moreover, the un-popped kernels of popcorn can damage teeth or gums of dogs when they chew it.

2.    Avocado

Avocado is very good food for human because it contains some essential vitamins to improve skin or health. Not only intended for humans but also used for dogs unless you remove all the skin and leaves of avocado. Because in these ingredients, they contain persin and an oil-soluble toxin which can be dangerous to mammals except human. With the dogs sensitize of persin when they eat the avocado’s skin can get some symptoms such as congestion, respiratory, fluid accumulation around the heart, and even face of death.

3.    Macadamia Nuts

People don’t know what exactly elements in macadamia nuts are toxics to dogs, however, when the dogs eat these nuts, they can cause ataxia, vomiting, depression, and weakness. That are the bad results for dogs but dogs can recover without any treatment.

4.    Grapes

Grapes are one of the most dangerous foods for dogs – this thing makes many people so surprise about grapes. The worse problems they cause for dogs are leading to kidney failure or even death. Although this situation just happens with some dogs, the owners shouldn’t be subjective because your dog maybe is sensitive to this food.

5.    Onion and Garlic

Allium plants are so dangerous for dogs, especially in red blood cells, they decrease oxygen flow, maybe lead to anemia and damage organ. Why onion and garlic are so dangerous for the dog? Because they contain allium plant which can cause some bad problems in any form.

6.    Tomato Plants (Raw Potatoes, too)

In the green, unripe tomato or the leaf of a plant, they contain solanine toxic which can cause lethargy, confusion, gastrointestinal and weakness for dogs. Moreover, green potatoes can cause some problems similar to green tomato – that are the reasons why you should avoid these ingredients far away from your dogs.

7.    Dairy (Cheese)

Milk and cheese is not dangerous foods for dogs. However, if the owners use it too much, it can cause some problems with the digestive system like constipation, diarrhea in short term and obesity in the long term.


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