The best wet food for dog

Nowadays, dry food for a dog is so popular in the markets, besides that, it still has some wet food which gives many controversies to the owners about its disadvantages. Because some problems such as tooth decay, few of nutritions,…etc, people avoid choosing wet food for a dog. However, these issues are stated are not the truth by scientists so the owners can believe in using wet food products for their dog. On the other hand, wet food has own benefits are: higher moisture content, has proteins

1.    Taste of the Wild Southwest Canyon Canine Canned Dog food

The product is made from 5 main ingredients such as beef, lamb broth, vegetable broth, lamb liver, dried egg product. With this combination, the food gives dog the amount of calories ,40% of protein, 44% of fat and 16% of carbs. The meat ingredients give to dog optimal amino acids, proteins to increase the strength of muscles. To improve healthy skin and smooth coat, the product provides not only fruits, vegetables but also vitamins and minerals in components.

2.    Blue Buffalo Homestyle Recipes Wet Dog Food

The product contains 5 main ingredients like beef, beef broth, beef liver, carrots, and peas. The proportion of calories in components are: protein occupy 29,7%; fat occupy 50,5% and remain proportion for carbs with 19,8%. With the real meat in a formula, it provides dogs with essential amino acids and combines with vegetables to increase health skin and smooth coat.

3.    Instinct Original Canned dog food

Beef is an essential ingredient in dog food because it provides a huge amount of vitamins, amino acids,…etc which improve strong, lean muscles of dog. With Instinct Original Canned dog food, the product is made with 95% of real beef and liver, another 5% is intended for vegetables, fruit, and other wholesome components.

4.    Whole Earth Farms Canned dog food

This brand provides the owners with 3 types of canned dog foods and each category is distinguished by the main ingredient in the formula. With an adult dog, the owners have 2 choices of canned dog food which provide main ingredients are chicken, turkey and red meat. The last product is intended for puppy which is made from chicken, turkey, and salmon. All of these supplies are combined with natural vegetables, vitamins, and minerals so that it supports to increase energy and digestibility for the dog.

5.    Wellness Core Canned dog food

The brand provides the owners with 5 types of canned dog foods which have different main ingredients in the formula such as whitefish, salmon and herring recipe; beef, venison, and lamb recipe; turkey liver and chicken liver receipt; turkey, pork and duck recipe; weight management recipe. All these supplies give dog 5 important benefits which are healthy skin and coat; digestive health; strong eyes, teeth, and gums capabilities; increasing the immune system and providing enough energy.         


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