The best organic dog food

Nowadays, humans feel very difficult to find the best for their dog because of a variety of products in the markets. Currently, the products are divided into 2 main groups are natural and organic. Many people believe that organic food isn’t better than natural food due to its chemical ingredients in the formula. However, we should know that the plant components in Organic food are grown without pesticides, irradiation, genetic modification, …etc

These elements can prove that Organic food is more quality than natural food. In this review, we really want to offer to the owner some best Organic food for dog:

1.    Wellness Core Natural Grain Free – Original Turkey and Chicken

The product contains mainly proteins from original turkey, chicken combined with natural vegetables and essential vitamins, minerals. When you use this merchandise for your dog, it supports completely optimal health with 6 main functions: optimum fat and calorie levels; high protein, grain free; hip and joint support; flax and fish omega health; green vegetables.

2.    Merrick Grain Free – Real Texas Beef and Sweet Potato

The food product of Merrick is provided with high-quality ingredients with not only 70% of protein healthy fat like deboned beef, lamb meat, sweet potatoes, peas, potatoes but also 30% of fiber, vitamins, minerals. This merchandise is used for all breeds with the main functions are: supporting smooth skin and coat, healthy hips and joints, increasing digestible system.

3.    Rachael Ray Nutrish Natural Dry Food – Real Beef and Brown Rice

The product is made from real beef which raised on USA farms; brown rice which includes huge of carbohydrate source; fresh vegetables are peas and carrots; beet pulp and the last ingredient is chicken fat. These components are combined in Rachael Ray so that they not only provide essential vitamins, fiber but also support healthy lean muscle mass and organs for the dog.

4.    Castor and Pollux Pristine Grain-free

The product is made from wild-caught salmon, chickpea recipe and added some essential vitamins, minerals to create the dog health. The manufacture of this food promises that an important salmon ingredient is will-caught with fresh and provides essential vitamins for the dog. Moreover, the recipes are guaranteed without grain, soy, corn, wheat or gluten.

5.    Blue Buffalo Wilderness – High Protein Grain Free

The product includes 30% protein which is offered by real salmon and combined with a chicken meal, fish meal to increase more deliciously in food. It supports some healthy carbohydrates from peas, potatoes, and sweet potatoes. Moreover, it provides rich antioxidant from fresh fruits and vegetables such as carrots, blueberries, cranberries. With a quality combination of those ingredients, the product has 3 main benefits which are so important for a dog like healthy muscle development, providing enough energy for an active lifestyle and strengthens bones, teeth.


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