The best food for pitbull mother after giving birth

Most of us know that Pitbull dogs are a muscular and powerful dog so they have different eating than other dogs, directly higher protein levels and limited foods which are made their osteoporosis development. After giving birth, the nutrition regime must pay more attention because at this time, the Pitbull mother is weak and losing strength and they need to provide milk to feed the puppy. The following article will mention to you some menu suggestions for the Pitbull:

1. The first three days after the birth of a puppy: 

After giving birth, Pitbull mother will be very physically and mentally quite sensitive, even weak ones that easily lead to diseases related to the mammary gland and uterus. Therefore, the owners can observe and help them clean up by replacing filtered water with dilute salt water for them to drink. In the first meal, you need to supplement the nutrient, but gently according to the following suggestions: Owner mixes canned dog food (choose protein-rich like Bully Max) mixed with warm water, vanilla ice cream or cheese. Normally, if you choose Bully Max, the owners will be afraid of an inactivity syndrome leading to their hip impact, but you are relieved because we only feed the first day and then gradually decrease and this time you need to supplement fat, protein, mineral, carbohydrate, calcium, .. to create milk for puppies. This time, people should divide small meals and feed them about five to six hours. This helps Pitbull mother recover well and avoid being missed due to being lazy. 

2. The following days: 

After 3 days, Pitbull mother gradually recovered, as usual, the owner began to change dilute salt water to ordinary filtered water. The owner should remember to replace and place water next to them regularly to provide enough moisture for the mother dog. This time you start restoring normal diets to them as before. Regularly change live foods or packaged mixed foods to avoid food intoxication. In a meal always ensure adequate protein components from (beef, chicken, lean types) - this can be chopped to make mother dogs easier to eat, for fat can supplement from Fish fat, poultry fat - these fats are easier to metabolize. The owner also noticed additional minerals, calcium, magnesium ... from the following food suggestions: Blue Wilderness, Taste of the Wild, Nutro Grain Free, Natural Balance Food, ... 

If necessary, the owner can also dilute the milk to supplement the milk for the mother dog when necessary. Some children will have difficulty absorbing food from protein so milk is a great alternative.


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