The best dry food for puppy in 2019

Taking care of puppies is difficult as do with babies, so that the owner should have a lot of experiences to make a good foundation for pets. The first important thing which we should care about it when growing up a puppy is its health, however, food still contributes to a special ingredient to guarantee about puppy’s weight.

1.    Wellness Small Breed Complete Health Dry Puppy Food

The main components in the formula of this product include: turkey, blueberries, spinach, flaxseed – these ingredients provide the high quality of protein, antioxidants, support healthy skin and dog fur. Moreover, the owner can see the 5 signs of wellness in their puppy are: a healthy skin and coat are provided with essential vitamins, minerals; the energy is provided enough for the puppy needs; digestive health; vitamin A and C help support healthy teeth and gums; the combination of high-quality proteins, vitamin A and vitamin E help maintain optimum health and support a healthy immune system.

2.    Blue Buffalo Freedom Grain-Free

The product contains a lot of delicious natural ingredients like protein-rich, deboned chicken; whole peas, sweet potatoes, and carrots; blueberries and cranberries. Blue Freedom provides a blend of antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals that help support: immune system health; life stage requirements; healthy oxidative balance.

3.    Holistic Select Natural Dry Food

This product has 3 main functions of a puppy are:

Firstly, balanced nutrition by helping them break down food and absorb more nutrients; Secondly, it supports up to 70% of the immune system in the digestive route. Last but not least, it can reduce gas, discomfort, and bloat through moving food in the body efficiently. 

4.    Nutro Wholesome Essentials

The components in the formula of a product include necessary nutrition for dog meal and rich of flavor. It contains DHA for healthy growth of dog, moreover, calcium can increase strong bones and joints. 

5.    Natural Balance Small Breed Bites Original Ultra for Puppies to Adults

With some special and important ingredients in the formula like EPS & DHA, balanced Omega-6 and Omega-3, proper levels of calcium and phosphorus, using multiple types of fiber,…etc. All of the components can help the owner increases their puppy’s health in maintaining healthy heart and eyes, support strong and healthy bones, teeth; antioxidant nutrients; support neural development; support healthy skin and coat; digestive support.

These are the some best dry foods which use for medium breeds the owner can refer:

1.    Taste of the Wild Grain-Free

The product contains some effective ingredients to puppy’s health such as roasted bison and roasted venison which provide highly digestible protein with a roasted flavor your dog will crave. Specific probiotics are provided to support healthy digestive and immune systems. DHA - the main ingredient which contains Omega 3 and fatty acid is provided in salmon oil. It helps puppies can develop brain and vision immediately.

2.    Canidae All Life Stages Dry Food

Canidae product provides 9 important ingredients in the formula which contribute a significant role for puppy’s health are lentils, peas, dried whole egg, chicken fat, sun-cured alfalfa, menhaden fish meal, flaxseed, and potatoes. Those are guaranteed by the manufacturer will give amazing effects: not only healthy digestion but also an immune system; beautiful skin and coat.

3.    Castor and Pollux Organic Dry Puppy Food

Castor and Pollux provide some ingredients which are totally good for puppy’s health like flaxseed, blueberries and coconut oil. The product is cooked in an organically certified USA kitchen so that the owner can believe in the safety and quality of its when used for their pet.


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