The best 8 tips to take care of your puppy

Dogs are the most intelligent and loyal pets so that humans often watch them as the best friends or members of their family. When you are intending to take care of a puppy, you must keep these 8 important tips to make sure your puppy stays in good health.

1.    Going to the Vet

Before taking care of your puppy, the owner should set up an appointment with a vet. The puppy will be received a health checkup then the vet will give your pet some vaccinations to prevent some frequent problems.

2.    Ticks and Fleas

As you know, ticks and fleas are the huge worries of the owner which take care of the dog, these parasites will cause some issues for your pet like itching, dry coat,…etc. Thus, to help your dog decreases these uncomfortable feeling, we should use some special products to remove all ticks and fleas out of a dog’s coat.

3.    Ears

The owner should care about the breed of their pet because each breed will have different health concerns to keep an eye on. The most important part we ought to keep an eye for a puppy is its ears to make sure they’re not red and infected.

4.    Puppies eat anything

You should remember that your puppy can eat anything on the ground because of its inquisitive, thus, the owner must make sure there is nothing dangerous in the dog’s puppy living area. If your dog eats the wrong things, you will spend more money to visit an expensive vet.

5.    Teeth

The owner just often cares about the health of puppy or some problems of its coat, however, they usually forget to take care of the puppy’s teeth which can cause many issues of its chompers. The dog still has some troubles as humans about teeth like tartar, plaque and gingivitis development. Vets recommend that people should brush dog’s teeth with a special toothbrush and toothpaste which are made unique for pets. If you are intending to take care of puppy’s teen, the earlier you start, the better.

6.    Grooming

This worry has a similarity as that of ears which should depend on the puppy breed. Some dogs need to a special haircut or careful caring of its coat at the pet store, some occasional brushing, however, others just giving some baths with pet shampoo. The owner ought to use the shampoos which contain natural ingredients to avoid some allergies for a puppy.

7.    Nails

You will not keep the puppy’nails are too long because it can get hurt by not only itself while it scratching but also makes some scratches for children or adults too. To solve this problem, people can do it at home or maybe take your puppy to the pet store if you don’t have many experiences.

8.    Extreme temperatures

Puppy or dog can easily get shocked in extreme temps so the owner must watch them carefully in case of the weather is too hot or cold unless a breed of them can handle this issue.


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