The advantages of ingredients in dog food

Like a human, a dog still needs some important nutrition in food to grow up in good health. The owner should know what is needed to offer for their pet. To solve this problem, this review will give you more information about those important ingredients directly for your dog:

1.    Chicken

Chicken contains huge of essential amino acids which is a foundation to ensure the optimal development and strong health of skin, bones, and muscles.

2.    Fish

Fish is so important for dogs because it provides a high concentration of Omega 3 which can help their improve their eyesight and beautiful skin. Like a human, fish is contributed to big roles for dog health when it prevents a lot of digestive issues and some symptoms of intolerances. Not only Omega 3 but also calcium, iron, vitamins, mineral salts,…etc.

3.    Lamb

The lamb is recommended for overweight pets because it has a suitable protein, lower calorie and helps dog can digest easily. It is rich in iron source and Vitamin PP (niacin).

4.    Rabbit

Rabbit meat is so helpful for digestible of dog because it is absolutely not only low-fat but also very low of cholesterol and an optimal amount of proteins.

5.    Corn and wheat

Corn and wheat are the main ingredients which provide energy for dog activities under the form of carbohydrates. Wheat provides energy, fibers, and vitamins of group B for the dog. On the other hand, corn contains a variety of fatty acids with energy.

6.    Carobs

Carbons is a fruit which supports for optimal capable digestion for a dog, protect and increase operation of the intestine.

7.    Beet Pulp

If you need more fiber in dog food to increase the function of the intestine, you can refer to some dog food which has beet pulp ingredient in the formula.

8.    Yeasts

Humans need more vitamins for their life to improve all the functions of their body. Like a human, a dog still needs some products which contain a variety of vitamins to handle its digestion and offer nutrition for the dog’s body. Yeasts give huge of vitamins in group B and D.

9.    Omega 3 and Omega 6

We really want our dogs will have a healthy skin and smooth coat, that is why we need to provide for pets the main ingredients of that are Omega 3 and Omega 6. Those components mainly are contained in fish.

10.    Olive oil

We should worry our dog not only a health or smooth of a coat but also a capable operation inside their body such as digestion, cardiovascular system, stress,…etc. To solve these problems, the owner ought to offer dog foods which have Olive oil in the formula. It includes a high content of fatty acids which are easily digestible for dogs; prevents some issues which are caused by hypertensive and reduces the disadvantages of oxidative stress.


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