The 10 dog supplies website in the Philippines

Shopping online for a dog is a convenient activity which can save your time so much. This review will offer to the clients some best website about dog supplies in the Philippines:


The website contains some dog supplies such as dog treats, healthcare, beds and blankets,…etc. It still provides some 100% organic food for the owners who love to feed for their dog with organic supplies. To support customers in shopping, the website has an online chat service so that the clients can ask any questions about the products on the website. 


Like other websites, Pet warehouse contains a variety of products for a dog such as treats, health care, dental care, vitamins and supplements, grooming, toys, accessories,…etc. All the products are guaranteed to produce from famous brands like Royal Canin, Orijen, Purina,…


The website provides to the owners and their dog not only natural products but also some essential services. The supplies are offered by the website including foods, toys, health, holding,…etc. The services which are served for a dog such as a vet, parties, grooming, and kennel. 


Iprice is not a website just intended for dog supplies, however, it still provides up to 55 000 products for a dog with a variety of brands, stores, prices, colors,…etc. The special thing of this website is the shipping service is faster than others. 


This website focuses on providing dog products to the customers such as foods, accessories, health, and wellness, clean up and odor control, toys, and cage. These supplies are guaranteed totally safe for pets and sold at affordable prices. 


The website has 4 main functions for dog and its owners are marketplace, pets for sale, pet services and blog. With the marketplace, it provides over 2000 products for a dog in groups of clothes, carries, foods, pharmacy, accessories, and toys. With pets for sale, the website offers a variety of dog breeds to purchase so that people can select and pick up one dog for them. Last but not least, the website has some services for a dog such as grooming, boarding, hospitals, pet trainers and miscellaneous. 


It divides products into 5 small groups to help the customers find the supplies more easily such as foods, treats, healthcare, play, and home. All the products are sold with high-quality ingredients at affordable prices. Moreover, it has pet grooming and clinic services to support the owners. 


Vetcoreplus website is designed with a luxurious display and the products are highlighted on this website. The dog supplies which offered including health, breeding, grooming, and accessories. Moreover, it provides to the customers some sale off programs may be up to 30%. 


The website has another name is The Dog Spa and Hotel – why it is called that? Because the website provides not only dog products but also the best services including spa and hotel for the dog. It is totally believed in these services with nearly 1000 positive reviews from the customers. The products are offered on the website including accessories, beauty, food, health, and treats. 


Ubuy is the website which contains a variety of products like electronics, kitchen, and dining, books, office products,…etc. However, when you are searching for dog supplies on this website, it still provides you over 2000 products which are come from famous brands. 


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