The 10 dog supplies website in Switzerland

Nowadays, people often choose shopping online because they can save not only their time but also money. This review will offer to you some dog supplies website in Switzerland:


The website contains a variety of dog supplies and the products are arranged according to the alphabet or price to support clients can find what they want more quickly. It contains some supplies are cages, foods, leashes, shirts, transport bags, toys, beds,…etc. Moreover, customers can receive free shipping service with orders from CHF 149. 


The website contains many products for the dog including dog foods, training, nutrition supplements, collars, leashes, sleeping, toys, accessories,…etc. Furthermore, it still provides customers some best tips in taking care of pets in the best way. 


Zooplus is the famous website in the world because it contains a variety of dog supplies including foods, snacks, beds, toys, accessories,…etc and all the products come from famous brands such as Felix, Taste of the Wild, Royal Canin,… If you are a new customer, you can receive a 5% discount on the first orders. 


The website provides more than 13 000 items of dog supplies from 90 famous branches. The products are divided into 5 main small groups including food, toys, and clothing, at home, on road and care, hygiene. Moreover, books and catalogs are offered to support the owners in taking care of the dog. 


U buy is an online store where we can purchase everything for humans like electronic, cellphone, accessories, kitchen, bathroom,…etc. However, it still offers over 2000 dog products about foods, training tools, shampoo,…


If you are finding a website which sells real dog food, you should refer to Doggyfood website. It contains many types of ingredients such as beef, sheep, rabbit, Poulet, horse, pig ears and supplements. All the products are made with clean components and provided a brief description to help people know how to feed the dog in the right way. 


The website provides customers some positive accessories for a dog such as play, transport, lie, and feed. The display of the website is designed so simple and easy to use for all the owners. 


The website contains over 8000 items of pets supplies and it collaborates with 54 out stock branches. It divides these branches according to the alphabet from A to Y. 


If you are finding a website which contains pure food for the dog, you should refer to pure-naturfutter website. All the products are guaranteed to make with regional meat, natural ingredients, pure 100% declaration and beautiful manufacture. The customers can receive free shipping service with CHF 50.00. 


The last website we really want to introduce to customers is Hundedesigner, it is designed with pink display and simple to use. It provides clients some training supplies to support the owners in training. 


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