The 10 dog supplies website in Malaysia

In a busy life nowadays, people just focus on how to make more money so that they often forget about their positive emotion in life. Thus, growing up a dog is the most popular choice to help them relax in a whole stress day. To help people save more time, we really want to introduce some websites which purchase a variety of dog supplies in Malaysia:


Pet Lovers Centre has established since 1973 and served in Asian like Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, and the Philipines. The website provides to customers some dog supplies such as foods, treats, shampoos,…etc at affordable prices. Moreover, you should be a VIP member of the website because you can receive some discount programs like 10% discount during the birthday month or 5% sale off during non-birthday months. 


Waggymeal is the best website for dog supplies due to not only a variety of products but also loving of customers give to here. The website contains some products such as foods, treats, health and wellness, accessories and grooming. Furthermore, it still offers some lessons or tips to support the owners in taking care of their pets in the best way. Last but not least, clients can receive a 15% discount with the first orders. 


Perro Mart is the most popular website in Malaysia with many different types of dog supplies. It provides to customers some products including foods, treats, toys, clean, health care, and accessories. The special thing on this website is the display is designed so easy to use for all people. Moreover, the owners can have a 5% discount with their first orders. 


Royal Canin is a famous brand which provides foods for pets with high-quality ingredients and many nutrients. If the owners in Malaysia want to buy food from Royal Canin brand, they can contact to its website directly. 


Lazada is a famous online website on the world which provides high-quality and out stock products. With dog supplies, it contains nearly 900 000 items from foods, accessories, beds, bowls,…etc. It collaborates without stock brands to give some sale off programs to support the owners can save their money. 


This is a professional website which provides customers a variety of dog supplies from many brands. It collaborates with many out stock brands and these are arranged into the alphabet to help clients can file them easily. The products are offered on Tadaa including foods, shampoo, soaps, grooming tools,…etc. 


Petoo is another website which contains a variety of dog supplies in Malaysia. It has some products are foods, grooming tools, toys, vitamin and supplements, cleaning up and toilet, accessories. Moreover, the website still has some services for a dog such as a dog grooming and dog boarding at affordable prices. 


If you are finding a website which provides customers some accessories for dog primarily, you shouldn’t pass the Petsplace website due to its products. The website contains a variety of dog items such as cages, cargo, carrier, clicker training,…etc. 


Petsmore provides customers a variety of dog supplies including dry food, wet and can food, snack and milk, health and beauty care, supplies and accessories. Moreover, clients can receive a free shipping service on all orders. 


Hill’s is the out stock brand of dog food like Royal Canin so that people can believe when using the products on here. All the products are guaranteed to support a dog’s health completely and safe for pets. Moreover, it still offers some dog care education to support the owners in taking care of dogs. 


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