The 10 dog supplies website in Italy

This review offers for a variety of websites which are intended for Italian who are taking care of their pets:

Nowadays, the modern economy of our world develops significantly so that it provides many advantages and convenient functions for humans. The most popular thing about it is purchasing supplies on the Internet. This review offers for a variety of websites which are intended for Italian who are taking care of their pets:


Primenove provides the accessories for the dog to the owners such as travel carrier, drinking bowl,…etc. All the merchandises are offered from the website are examined in the lab through behaviors or habits of both the owners and their pets, moreover, they are guaranteed to give for the dogs the high quality of products. With each product, the website offers not only the main ingredients of it but also brief information to help customers can understand more about its function. 

2. is intended for the owners who really want to keep their dogs in fashion and luxury. The website provides most of the high-quality accessories for a dog like harnesses, leashes, collars, clothes,…etc with many colors so that people can have more choices with their favorite. All the supplies are made from Italy and clients certainly receive free shipping service with orders just over 20 euros. 


Imac is the best choice for people who love adorable things and all of them are used for their dogs. Imac was established in 1964, it experienced over 50 years for producing dog supplies. The main merchandises are cages, toys, and accessories with high quality and affordable for the human.


The brand has a similar name of website Ilovemydog was founded in 2007 by the love of two young Italian. It provides all the accessories which are made from Italy and designed with high-quality materials to give the best comfortable feeling for customer’s dog. Moreover, the display of the website is so easy to use, it is divided into a variety of categories for the customers can choose what they want quickly.


If all of the websites are mentioned above provide accessories for the dog, this website is offered dog food for customers. Nuova Fattoria was founded in 1991 with the main function was producing dry food for dogs. The website is guaranteed all of the merchandises are made with 100% natural ingredients, furthermore, it offers 6 important benefits for dog needs in normal activities. 


Because has experienced in dog supplies producing over 50 years, it has over 4000 items, 12 commercial branches, and 85 export countries. The website provides a variety of accessories for a dog such as leads, hygiene, houses, games, clothing, grooming,…etc. Furthermore, it offers some good tips to take care of the dogs in the best way. What a convenient website!


Adragna is the best choice for people who are finding the high quality of dog food. It provides raw ingredients in food for the clients such as chicken, fish, lamb, rabbit, vitamin E, olive oil,…etc, certainly, all of these components are so important for dog health. Each product will be provided not only the elements in the formula but also the main functions of it to help the owner choose the right merchandise for their dog.


Shesir provides dog food to customers and the supplies are divided into 3 main groups: wet, dry and bio. Each product is made from a combination of 4 important ingredients like fish, animal protein, cereals or seeds, and vegetables. The clients can depend on dog health to select the best suitable products for their pets.


Barnies provides for a dog with food and accessories which are made from Barnie's brand. The website is designed so adorable so that people can use it with an exciting feeling. 


Roll Srocky has been produced 100% natural biscuits and snacks for dogs since 1984. The website is guaranteed all of the products are made with high-quality ingredients and they give for dogs healthy and nutrition. 



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