The 10 dog supplies website in Indonesia

Shopping online for a dog is a convenient activity which can save your time so much. This review will offer to the clients some best website about dog supplies in Indonesia:


The website includes a lot of products for dog and some services like pet transport, vet care, paw hotel and resort, pet stores,…etc. It receives many positive reviews on the Internet so that the customers can trust in using the supplies. 


Hills pet provides to the customers 3 main groups are dog care education, dog food, and new dog parent. All the products are classified into the age of dogs to use the supplies more effectively. Moreover, it still has some tips to support the owners in taking care of their pets. 


The website provides to the customers a huge of dog products such as leads, hygiene, houses, clothing,…etc. All of the supplies are guaranteed to safe for pets. With orders over $49, the customers can receive free shipping service. 


It provides customers with some dog supplies such as food, toys, snack, and sanitation. It combines with famous brands like Addiction Pet Food, Fortuna, Furminator,… so that the clients can believe in the quality of products. 


Lush Pets Co. is the most popular website for dog supplies providing which includes high-quality products and affordable prices. The website is designed so easy to use for all people, moreover, it still offers a variety of products for a dog like food, treats, pet supplements and vitamins, grooming, clothing, and toys. 


This is another website which we really want to introduce to the customers, it is similar to other websites which have mentioned above because it still provides some products for a dog like food and treats, toys, beds, healthcare, training,…etc. Moreover, the website has its own blog to support more information about the pet to the owners. 


The website is so easy to use and it includes a variety of dog supplies like beds, clothes, dog socks, shoes, accessories,…etc. All the products are come from famous brands and totally safe for pets. 


It is not a website just intended for the dog because it still provides more products like electronics, cell phones, books,…etc. However, if you are finding dog supplies, you can refer to Tokoopedia due to huge of supplies. Although, dog product just a small category in the big website, it still has over 1000 products for the customers to choose. 


Ubuy is a similar website to Tokopedia due to the display of them. Certainly, Ubuy still provides customers with a variety of dog supplies. The special thing in this website is the shipping which is completed faster than other websites.


The last website we really want to introduce to the clients is Petku. Petku is the most popular website for people in Indonesia because it has a huge of products up to 5000 and the website is guaranteed 100% of the quality of supplies. Furthermore, the website still has a blog which provides some best tips for the owners to more understand about their pets.


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