Sure Grow, 100 Count Tablets Reviews

Calcium is an essential mineral not only for people but also for animals. Calcium is necessary for bones and teeth’s formation when their body is deficient in calcium, it is causing many kinds of diseases that effect your pet.

Why you should choose Sure Grow?

When we bring up a puppy, they are provided a certain amount of calcium in their daily food. However, this amount of calcium inside food is quite low and not enough to supply your pet. Dog's calcium demand is four-fold with people. So, apart from the amount of calcium in food, we need to supplement more calcium for dogs especially with some large dog like becgie, labrabor, etc.

There are some calcium drugs on the market (water, tablets) supplement calcium for dogs. You can buy calcium medicine at the drug store (veterinary calcium) and this calcium in powder form. You need to buy calcium + D tablets (vitamin D), your dog is easy to absorb. Vitamin D like a catalyst for the dog's body to absorb calcium, maybe you have to sunbathe daily to get your baby to synthesize and receive Vitamin D.

Sure Grow combines both ratios of calcium and phosphorus, adding vitamins A and D to help the pet's body absorb the maximum amount of calcium to develop strong skeletons. as well as to satisfy the calcium need for your puppy during her pregnancy, reproduction, bring up children. Sure Grow is one type of calcium for dog imported from the USA, it is the best type of calcium tablets, Delicious flavor, easy to eat. The best way to supplement calcium for dogs is you need to integrate calcium into milk until calcium dissolves into powder and give your pet drink. If not you can mix calcium with their food every day and feed your dog, you need to make sure they eat up the calcium and food.

Sure Grow has a unique and exclusive formulation of calcium highly available phosphorus and vitamins A and D. Calcium phosphorus vitamin supplement formulated to promote optimal bone ligament and tendon development in puppies during the period of rapid growth.


Calcium min: 300mg

Calcium max: 360 mg

Phosphorus, min: 250 mg

Vitamin A, D: 245 I.U

Dosage used:

Take half of 1 tablet/day with dogs under 10kg

Take 1 tablet/ day with dogs over 10 kg

Do not use more than 3 tablets per day with dogs over 30kg

Common disease when lacking calcium

-Soft bones and crunchy bones.

- Bone is deformed, deformed.

- Hip dysplasia.

- The body is retarded.

- Teeth weak or degenerate teeth.

- Weak muscles.

- Low blood pressure and heart weak


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