Some ways to give an emergency aid for your dog

Every year, there are many problem concern to the dog as traffic accident, sunstroke, food poisoning. Therefore, if you know what you have to do in case of emergency, you will able to bring your pet back to life timely

I. A base cure for your dog in case of an emergency.

You should ensure security for yourself and others. Keep calm and making an examination before taking action. The injured usually feel scared and hurt, so they will have a bite of anyone who touches them. Getting in touch with a veterinarian and relate detail situation, make sure that you get their number phone. Preparing a pen in case of writing number phone or something important. You have to give first aid instantly, it would be better if you go to surgical veterinarian office more than calling a vet.

II. A base cure for your dog

*Traffic accident.

Prevention of disease is better more than treatment, even it is a dog in good instruction. You ought to chain him, including vehicles moving slowly. When they get free, they are easy run on by vehicles, especially at traffic intersections. If an accident happens, be careful with other vehicles, speak softly and avoid sudden movement. Leading him across the road if he can stand up, shut him up before getting in touch. If your dog is able to walk normally, you still conduct him to the vet even it looks like no problem. Some internal injury does not manifest right then, but it may be inner severe wound. In case  your dog is unable to walk, you can carry him in your arms, carry him on stretcher with a overcoat or quilted blanket, you try to find something hard like a board, if your pet is paralyzed, spinal column trauma, help him up a board and keep his blood heart by quilted blanket. 

*Your pet is bleeding.

Keeping him silent and calm to dress his wound by towel and clothes. If blood still infiltrates through into towel, bandage one more time. You only use tourniquet to stop the bleeding as the final measure. Duty to organ is different to bandage, put a buffer into this wound and keep it. After that, driving him to the veterinarian. If you have a bandage device, bandage one layer round his wound and cover with patterned tile and dressing. Next, we put a layer of cotton wool. Do not use sticky plaster to sink into their fur. You ought to associate a bandaged foot and leg, it may be inflamed by infection.  Never keep the bandage in the space more than 24 hours. This aid will assist your pet to stop the bleeding.

*Broken bone.

Toward serious bleeding wound, do not use splint for leg, because it makes bone gart through their skin and really hurt. You do not move or impact to their wound while going to the veterinarian. You can put your pet into a box. Their stomach inflamed. If it suddenly happens to your pet, you must treat it seriously especially deep bosom species like Boxer dog or big ear tucked dog. It can be dangerous to their life, in stomach if you detect a token like a slaver gulping, spittle flowing, vomiting. Make a call to a veterinarian immediately before it’s too late.


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