Some things which reduce the lifespan of dogs

Taking care dog is difficult and the owners should care all about the problems like food, bathing, health,…etc. Dogs have been our best friends for a long time so that we really want they can live as long as a human. However, many the owners don’t know how to take care of their friends in the best ways and make the age decreasing of dogs. To avoid some problems which can reduce the dog’s lifespan, this review will offer to the owners the knowledge:

1.    Making dog overweight

Dr. Shari Brown, a veterinarian in Virginia, notes that letting your dog become too heavy not only reduces their lifespan but also makes the quality of life less visible. People do not know that dogs cannot chew and crush food like us. Thus, Dr. Brown recommends limiting the amount of food and making sure that you are tracking the amount of dog food correctly. She also recommends that the owners need to strengthen their exercise routine for dogs more often.

2.    Forgetting to take care of the dog’s teeth

The dental disease develops after the dog eats, bacteria clinging to the gums and forming plaque in the dog's mouth. The accumulation of oral bacteria can lead to other health problems for your pet, including heart valve problems and kidney infections.

3.    Forgetting health checking each year

Doctors emphasize the importance of an annual physical examination even for healthy dogs. Give your dog a routine check-up once or twice a year that can screen for disease early and help improve the life of the dog. Even if your dog is showing normal activity, something unusual can still be formed.

4.    Less exercise for a dog

Exercising not only helps with weight loss but also stimulates the spirit of dogs. Dogs are domesticated animals from hunting dogs so maintaining the exercise routine also helps dogs release huge amounts of energy.

5.    Let dogs inhale cigarette smoke

Like humans, dog lungs do not handle smoke. Breathing second-hand smoke can be extremely detrimental to pets, causing all kinds of diseases, such as the increased risk of cancer and harmful respiratory problems.

6.    Feeding dog the leftovers

In addition to adding calories. To your dog's diet, feeding leftovers also put you at risk of pancreatitis by feeding them fatty meat. Many types of foods people consume have a high fat and sugar content compared to what our pets can pick up. Besides, some human foods - including garlic and chocolate - can be toxic to pets.

7.    Let dogs roam without control

Leaving your dog to roam freely without anyone's eye will bring many potential risks from the outside world. Cars, dogs or dog thieves are always staring at dogs wandering without owners.

8.    No sterilization

Experts agree that not sterilizing can endanger the health of dogs. Sterilization is still the best way to ensure a lower risk of some cancers.

In addition, each passing cycle of fertility leaves a greater risk of breast cancer for bitches. Male dogs are also more likely to develop prostate and testicular cancers.


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