Some symptoms are usually met after giving birth to puppies

The mother's dog body after giving birth is very weak, they need rest time to regain their health and get enough nutrients to create baby milk. But not every mother dog can recover quickly, they really need the support and careful observation of their the owners so that when some abnormal symptoms appear, people will pick them to the veterinary doctor promptly. Some symptoms may occur as follows:

1. Anorexia:

When mother's dogs are exhausted from giving birth of the puppies, the mother will not want to pay attention to the food and this is very worrying if the owners don’t have any experience to handle the problem. If after 24 hours the mother still does not touch the food, the owners should immediately notify the veterinarian to find the cause.

2. Mild diarrhea:

A natural reflex symptom in mammals is that they will eat the placenta after birth to regain nutrients in pregnancy, but their overeating and loss of control can lead to slight diarrhea. It is best to take two tablespoons of canned pumpkin to try to improve, if the status of dog’s mother does not improve better, you need medical support after 2 to 3 days of observation.

3. Breathing hard and steep:

After birth, the mother dog will be kept warm in a previously prepared blanket with a blanket but some may have side effects because the environment is too hot to make the mother's dog difficult to breathe. The symptom of uterine contractions is also a listed cause of this dyspnea. Observe and if the mother dog has a fever, people must immediately pick mother dog to the veterinary facility to treat the danger.

4. Epidemic symptom:

The uterus after birth will begin to recover over time, the mucous membranes begin to necrotic and fade away, then they escape to cause a bleeding from the uterus, also known as " post birth vaginal discharge ".Time appears after 3 to 4 days of birth and they are usually darker green to turn reddish brown or black but no odor.

5. Symptoms of fever / convulsions / hypothermia:

In the first 3 weeks, if a mother dog is not supplemented with enough calcium to support the process of creating milk for her baby, it will lead to a shortage of calcium. At this time, the mother's dog feels restless, unable to sleep, does not care for puppies, moves hard, has high body temperature and sometimes cannot breathe. Therefore, the owner should pay attention to the observation and must immediately bring them to the veterinarian if the situation is detected as soon as possible.

6. Uterine inflammation:

Some postpartum conditions in the mother's dog have fever, coma, vomiting, vaginal bleeding with odors, diarrhea may be symptoms of uterine inflammation. The cause may be due to their reproduction in an unclean environment, or the placenta and fetus stored in the uterus. If this situation is not detected and timely antibiotic injection not only affects health leading to death in the mother dog but also infect the puppy during breastfeeding.

7. Mastitis:

If the mother's nipples are swollen and discolored, understand that they have an infection in this area, which may be caused by the puppy scratching the breast. The symptoms will appear fever, boredom, etc. Owners should inject antibiotics and warm compresses to treat because if not treated properly, it will lead to necrosis of the breast and surgical removal.


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