Some famous brands of pain relievers

In the pets life cycle, many cats and dogs can be sick or injured, the wounds can make them feel painful. Thus, the owners should use pain relievers to help their pets overcome pain quickly. These are some famous brands of pain relievers which are recommended by veterinary:

1.    Carprofen 

Dogs who like to play outdoors or older dogs may have some minor problems with their joints. Pain relievers from Carprofen brand can be very helpful for these four-legged friends. This is a special remedy for pain relief of arthritis. It is also effective in relieving pain during orthopedic surgery. You may come across some brand names of such brands like Quellin, Vetprofen, Rimadyl, Novox, Carpaquin ...

2.    Onsior

The medicine is produced in the form of tablets. This drug is effective in combating inflammation and controlling pet pains. Especially the postoperative pain within 3 days of use.

The owners should take note when using Onsior medicine. This is a non-addictive drug and is tested for animal safety. However, the prescription is appropriate for dogs weighing more than 2.5kg and 4 months and older. For substandard puppies can cause some unwanted side effects.

3.    Metacam

The drug is prepared in the form of an aqueous solution. You can inject directly into your dog's body or mix into the wet food your puppy loves to increase absorption efficiency. This will help pets eliminate the fear of taking drugs extremely effectively.

Metacam non-steroidal analgesic injections help animals reduce pain when they get osteoarthritis, arthritis. The use of Metacam is safe for dogs under 6 months old and give our small friends a happy and healthy life.

4.    Methocarbamol 

Methocarbamol is approved by a veterinarian for both dogs and cats and it is used to treat muscle pain in contractions. Pet status may be caused by muscle contraction due to acute inflammation, injury or occur due to food poisoning, chemicals.

Methocarbamol analgesic for dogs and cats in tablet form. For pets to take medicine, it's best to crush it and mix it with their food. With only one pill, the pet will quickly relieve the pain and quickly recover.

5.    Amantadine HCI

Amantadine HCI medication in addition to pain relief is also used as an antiviral to dangerous viruses. Used to treat infections caused by influenza A virus. Also indicated for the treatment of Parkinson's tremor in pets.

The pain relievers treat common pain in arthritis or nerve injury. The drug is produced in capsule form, safe and convenient to use. Even medicine can be used to relieve pain for the whole person.


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