Some best foods to create mother's milk for puppy

Health care and ensuring adequate nutrition for mother dogs during child-rearing and milk production are very important as well as many difficulties. Because understanding and providing the right dairy foods is not everyone has much experience. This review will provide some of the beneficial foods in the mother's milk production:

After 12 hours of "successful" labor, we can begin to feed the mother dog again. Some dog owners think that this time the mother dog loses energy completely and needs more nutrition as much as possible. However, it is completely wrong though, it is best to break down each meal to ensure the full qualities of the following:

1. Calcium:

Calcium is one of the most essential ingredients in mother's dog meals during childbirth after birth, in addition to helping to create a rich source of milk, calcium is also ensured in preventing weak bone diseases and skeletal as well as supplementing puppy resistance. Some cases of calcium-deficient mother dogs during child-rearing are very dangerous due to seizures. The owners can take chicken, pig and duck bones to collect broth or use pure egg shells, duck flakes,…etc to change daily. In addition, you can also dilute calcium supplemented milk or related functional foods for shared use in mother dog meals.

2. Protein:

Proteins are an indispensable substance at any meal during this period, twice as much protein is needed for a mother to be able to feed her cubs all day long. We can replenish protein through everyday easy-to-eat foods like chicken, duck, cow, pig or fish, others are taken from combining liver with animal organs, eggs,…etc.

3. Fat

The postpartum diet has a marked change in the amount of fat that needs to be provided compared to normal (an increase of about 15%). High-fat foods are found in eggs, milk, cheese or specialized dog foods at this period.

4. Starch

Milk production is a process that takes a lot of energy, so owners are required to replenish this lost energy through starch sources like white rice, but remember with a moderate amount because not any breeds like to eat rice or if you feed your dog too much rice they will become overweight.

There are a number of other food sources you can substitute for rice such as cassava, sweet potato, bran food ...

5. Water

Water is a key ingredient in milk production. We can replace water into a vegetable or bone stewed water, alternatively diluted milk. Goat milk and specialized milk for mother dogs are encouraged and limited to human milk such as condensed milk, powdered milk,… etc. because it will not meet the nutritional needs.

6. Fiber

Fiber is an indispensable ingredient in the body, which helps balance the nutrients for the mother's digestive system. Food sources that provide the most fiber include green vegetables and tubers. The best way is to tunnel or puree and mix with other foods.

In addition, the owner should also consult some dietary supplements with vitamins and minerals from the veterinarian's advice for a more complete nutrition menu. However, all these nutrients provide just enough to avoid other unwanted diseases.


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