Sofee & Co Natural Dog Deodorizing Spray Reviews

Sofee & Co. natural dog/puppy deodorizing spray, freshener - white pear - neutralizes eliminates odors - pet deodorizer, perfume, cologne. use directly on pets, furniture, bedding, carpets, rugs.

If you want your dog to smell fresh and pleasant all the time without overwhelming it with chemical shampoos 100% Natural Ingredients. I think this one is very suitable, Dog Deodorizing Spray Helps kick stubborn odors to the curb

Great For Grooming & Odor Control

Does your pet need a grooming or odor control every day? This Natural Dog Deodorizing Spray is the perfect way to treat trapped odors and dirt. It is safe for everyday grooming and cleaning. It is travel-friendly and perfect on-the-go. Use after long walks or when there is no time for a bath.

Natural Ingredients

This unique formula is made with natural ingredients including water, pear essence, hydrosols and it’s 100% free of toxic chemicals and fake fragrances (These hydrosols have natural antibacterial and antifungal properties). Because all these ingredients are naturally derived, so it makes it gentle and safe for daily us. Best of all, it doesn’t just cover up unwanted scents, instead, it works to get rid of odors straight from the source. . No harsh chemicals. No parabens, sulfates, mineral oils, phthalates or artificial dyes. Safe for dogs and puppies, cats, kitten, furniture, rugs, carpet, beds and bedding. May be used as dog cologne or perfume.

How To Use

Spray liberally onto your animals’ coat - one or two squirts for a very small dog up to 6 or more for a big 60kg+ dog. It's totally safe, you can't overdo it. If your dog is nervous about being sprayed with something, spray into your hands and gently rub through their coat. You can also use it as a general air freshener and spray it around the room or the car, or use directly onto dog bedding, car upholstery, the couch, the carpet – anywhere your animals sit, lie or generally hang out.

Every day, you simply shake and spray directly on pets, making sure to rub in to coat and skin, your pet will be clean and healthy. Spray on anywhere your pet frequents to remove odors and freshen.

It’s great for long-haired and hypoallergenic breeds as Shih Tzu, Maltese, Yorkies, Yorkshire Terrier, Bichon Frise, Havanese, Poodles, Terrier, Doodle, Golden Retriever, Coton Du Tulear, Spaniels, All Other Breeds.


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