Simple Solution Washable Reusable Female Dog Diapers Review

In this review, we will introduce customers the most popular diaper is used for a female dog from Simple Solution brand.

When holidays are coming, our family often want to travel to new destinations to play and relax after hard working. Certainly, we really want to lead our best friends who have 4 legs and bark ‘Woof! Woof!’ together. However, the most important problem is dogs can go toilet in our car and cause some bad odors. That is a reason why we should equip the supplies which can handle this issue, we recommend that people ought to use diaper for their animals when preparing luggage to travel. In this review, we will introduce customers the most popular diaper is used for a female dog from Simple Solution brand:

Firstly, we are all caring about the absorbent capability of diapers, with Simple Solution Washable Reusable Diaper customers can believe in the benefits of the product. It is made from microfiber fabric and combined with a microfiber pad to give a super absorbent for a product. With this liner, the diaper is not only moisture-wicking effectively but also protecting the coat and skin of our pets. Secondly, the product is designed from soft stretch fabric and stays in the narrowest point around the waist to give a comfortable feeling for dogs when wearing. Thirdly, the diaper has a plastic liner for protecting an excretion will be not leaked. Last but not least, Simple Solution Diaper can be washable and reusable, these are the most advantages of the product because it does not only save money for the owners but also safe for the environment.

The product is often used for senior dogs without continence; used for dogs when traveling for long car rides; female dogs when they are going into the female cycle. The manufacturer provides customers 5 different sizes of Simple Solution Diapers including X-Small (with the waist size from 9 – 14 inch); Small (with the waist size from 12 – 19 inch); Medium (with the waist size from 15 – 23 inch); Large (with the waist size from 18 – 27 inch) and X-Large (with the waist size over 23 inch). We want to share a tip about how to measure your dog for proper fit: 

-    Measure the dog at the narrowest point around the waist.

-    Measure dog from the top of a base of the tail along back to waistline.

-    Measure dog from the bottom of a base of tail underneath to waistline.



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