SHINCO EETOYS Dog Toothbrush Chew Toy Reviews

This is a durable dog toys for aggressive chewers, it is able to clean dog teeth totally.

SHINCO EETOYS Dog Toothbrush is a kind of the best safe bite resistant toothbrush stick for dog puppy.

Why dogs need it?

Chewing- your dog really need something to chew when he feels boring so this toothbrush chew toy is the best solution for him. Or if you don’t have time to play with him SHINCO chew toy can help dogs chew their way through boredom, anxiety, destructive chewing, snack time or simply for fun. It always keep your puppy busy and happy

Teeth Cleaning- Good for dental care. It simplifies your dog’s dental routine to help him stay happy and healthy. Chewing help clean teeth and control plaque and tartar, effectively cleans teeth to promote oral health soothes discomforts from teething. Specially, the nubs design is good for dog teeth health. This dog chew toy can gently massage gums while keeping plaque and tartar at bay. Caring for your dog’s teeth can help prevent serious health issues. This dental chew bone helps alleviate puppy teething pain and instill positive chewing habits during this critical stage.

Durable and safe - it was made of durable nylon and PU with a multi-textured surface to withstand mild to moderate chewing, safe non-toxic, tough and durable.

Long-lasting and durable, indestructible dog chew toys can help fight destructive behaviors. These dog toys are harder than other chew toys which makes them more durable. And sure you are able to use it to keep dogs' mentally and physically stimulated and away from shoes and furniture.

Smells Like Bacon - Features a tempting bacon scent to peak your dog's interest and deliver chewing satisfaction. Your dog must love it. It also provides enjoyment, satisfies the urge to chew, helping reduce plaque and tartar.



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