Shampoo for dogs - Bath your pet in right way

Today, dogs are not merely pets or watchdogs. They are also a loyal friend who is considered a family member. Therefore, dog shower gel is preferred to keep pets clean. Join to learn about dog baths that make them most comfortable.

1.       Should I use dog shower gel?

Dogs are not afraid of water. They can play with the owner so the bathing of the dog is not too difficult if your dog is not too active. Using a shower gel is not only to help their fur add a beautiful, smooth shine but also save a cool fragrance on the body.

The most optimal benefit that you do not know about dog bathing milk is the cleansing effect, treating lice, parasites on their bodies, hiding in bushy fur is difficult to catch.

2.       Why use dog bath soap?

Unlike humans, dogs do not have sweat glands on their skin, so the ability to exchange air and moisture on the skin is a very small probability. In places where the climate is often cold, dog bathing is rare, not even.

Dog's skin has a higher pH than humans, so human products will cause skin dryness and irritation. Not only that, many people also have the habit of using detergent, dishwashing oil, soap for people to bathe the dog, this is completely wrong.

In addition to using dog bath soap, you should also be more concerned with dog deodorant spray. It is impossible to completely deny that no matter how clean and clean your school is for dogs, it is inevitable that there will be special smells on your body.

Good types of dog soaps do not irritate the skin, have PH levels of 7-7, 14. Depending on the breed of dog, you can refer to more specific and suitable product lines. , your dog's fur.

3.       How to choose a dog shower gel should know

If people also use shampoo, shower gel to take care of themselves; Apply sunscreen, moisturizing milk to protect the skin. Pet dogs also need to protect their fur skin with dog's bath gel, especially for dogs with long and thick fur. So, how to choose a dog's milk bath to suit the location Your dog's dog is extremely necessary.

There are cases where the owner because of saving shampoo shower gel should use the products he or she uses often for his dog. This is completely wrong and can be harmful to your dog's health, not using the correct shower gel will be very harmful.

If it is a force majeure situation, you can bathe the dog with clean water. However, there are also a number of dogs that are not suitable for certain chemical components in shower gel products.

So after use, pets show signs that are not suitable for the type of shower gel in use. You should change to another type of shower gel with less chemical composition and pay close attention to the condition after use until the pet feels appropriate.

4.       Don't forget the relaxing moments for dogs after taking a bath

When bathing your pet dog, it is important to let the dogs have a quiet seat with wet hair as close as possible. It is not possible for pets to run around the house with a wet body, or with fearful dogs the sound of a dryer becomes even more difficult.

Especially during bathing, you should be gentle and not too harsh. At such times, you should play with the dog, use dog toys to seduce them to sit still, then praise them obediently so that they can feel proud and listen.


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