Rubies Pet Costume, Large, Mexican Serape Reviews

This Mexican serape pet costume features a rainbow Poncho with front and back pieces that Velcro together for easy on and off, black and gold sombrero headpiece completes this fun look.

Why you should choose for them a costume?

Nowadays, beautified demand for pet extremely big. It would be wonderful if you hang out with your super cute dog. I recommend you a costume of Rubie, Rubie's Pet Costume designed specifically for puppies, soft fabrics provides comfort . it is a luxury costume for a dog maybe coming to the party with friends. I’m sure that your dog will look like sparking and attractive people around. Good for picture taking and to show off with closed friends it will be a perfect gift for any pet owners. The choice of clothes not only we have to take care of their appearance but also we show our love for them. Rubie's Pet Costume both making them lovely and becoming outstanding pet.

Rubie's Pet Costume has three pieces with the frilly piece in the front, that velcros to the back piece, and then it is the hat, it can be cinched tighter if you need. Rubie's Pet Costume is a super cute costume for dog, he stands out from the crowd and when you take your puppy out for a walk you will definitely be the center of the attention.

Comfortable and airy

Rubie's Pet Costume was made from high quality polyester fiber material so it brings a soft and comfortable. Besides that you don’t have to worry about weight and high because it is suitable for all size of your smaller pets, and the hat makes your dog look like an earl. This complete set of the costume has been stitched to prevent wear and tear and are both machine washable.

For this costume you don’t have to measure too careful your puppy’s body because it’s so easy to wear


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