RoyalCare Protective Dog Boots Reviews

Royal Care Protective Dog Boots, Set of 4 Waterproof Soft Dog Shoes for Medium and Large Dogs. Help protect the dog's feet from injury when walking or training.

This is a lovely gift you offer to your dog to protect its feet from harmful agents as cold weather, sharp objects, germs, it can use all four seasons.

These boots provide light protection for your dog’s paws from light snow, rain, salt, rocky surfaces, and hot pavements. They’re built with silicone, which means they’re designed to make the terrain a little more paw-friendly for your pooch. With the simple fuzzy fastener strap closures, you can put them on your pup when the ground is a bit chilly or even hot.

With different length adjustable, 2 velcro strap provides a customized tightness, there is no easy way to slip off their foot. Reflective tap adds a touch of comfort and the reflective strip is designed for added safety when walking in low-light conditions. Velcro strap, fastened by a wide and adjustable Velcro strap, providing a customized tightness, firmly fastened by 2 long, adjustable, difficult to slip off. With 2 Reflective Tap, your dog would be safe for walking at night.

With good material, waterproof dog boots. Boot upper is made of high-quality space leather, ensuring your dog’s paws will not be wet on rainy days. Soft and breathable to paws. Lightweight and convenient, boots bottom was made of silicone, keep soft and breathable allows the boots to be used indoors or outdoors, in wet and dry, hot and cold conditions. Design natural paw shape, dog tested and dog approved. Veterinarians highly recommend. Conform and Cling to your dog's Natural Paw Shape which is better protection of the pet is ankle. Cute pet paw embroidery, fashionable yet durable and soft. Just use water to wash. Skid-proof, water-proof and flexible faux-leather soles. Protection from sharp thorns, hot pavement, Snow melting agent, salt during winter and keep debris out. Bring more comfort and keep your love dog clean when they running outside.

“royal care” is very unique, brand embroidery. It looks cute and fashionable

Size: Inner Sole Length 2.95"×Width 2.95". Allowance Error: 0.11 - 0.20 Inch. How to measure? 1, have your dog stand on a piece of paper. 2, Lift dog's paw place firmly on a piece of paper. 3, Mark both sides of the paw on the paper and measure the length and width. 4, Choose the most suitable size, the width should be smaller than the boot size chart.


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