Royal Canin Medium Adult 1kg Reviews

Food for pets is getting more and more focused, so on the markets nowadays, they provide a variety of products are domestic or imported for the owners to choose freely. Depending on the age, breeds, gender of the dogs, the owners need to offer the necessary nutrients for them. In this review of, we will introduce the most popular product currently on the market:


The owners can pick up a high-quality product which is made from France to their dogs. This product focuses on average dogs from 11 to 15 kg weight, ranging in age from 12 months and older.

2. Product Usage:

Royal Canin Medium Adult 1kg is produced to support immune enhancement for dogs because it contains an antioxidant complex, promotes the digestive system, contains omega 3 (EPA and DHA) to help maintain a healthy coat.

The grain design of this product encourages pets to chew, good for the jaw, teeth and help digestive system activities as well as stimulate the appetite when eating.

3. Main ingredients in products:

Internal materials include wheat flour, barley flour, chicken fat, barley gluten, beetroot, fish oil, natural flavors, vitamins and minerals, vegetable oils, hydrolyzed yeast, salt, ... The product also contains herbal extracts and does not contain any additives so it is completely safe for pets.

4. Ingredients analyzed:

According to the research of scientists, the product composition is ensured as follows: Crude protein content (25%), unrefined fat (15%), crude fiber (1.3%), ash ( 6.1%), omega 3 fatty acids (6g), EPA / DHA fatty acids (3.1g)

5. Dosage used:

This is a complete product for adult dogs. Usually, their ration will be based on the quantity and demand of each type to divide the diet.

Currently, the product is trusted and received 5 stars reviews on a total of 111 reviews of website (Italy).


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