Reeple Interactive Dogs Puzzle Toys Reviews

Interactive dogs cats puzzle toys FDA certified funny pet game slow feeder bloat stop food plate anti-gulping entertainment smart animal treats refillable dispensing bowl training foraging.

Does your dog eat a lot everyday and looks fat? And does your pets eat too quickly?maybe in 5 mins, the foods is gone. As we all know that the obesity is harmful to human health, so is pet. Eating too quickly will cause indigestion and gastrointestinal diseases in dogs. More than 60% of pets have obesity, chronic eating, elimination of obesity, intellectual stimulation. Slow feeder dog bowl promotes healthy eating, adjust pet weight, prolonging meal time prevent indigestion.

Consider and try this dogs puzzle toys.

Pet Puzzle Supplies

This interactive pet bowl, fun animal games toys, foraging toy designed careful and detailed, non slip slow down feeding, encourages pet to eat or drink at a slower pace preventing indigestion, vomiting and bloating. Help fat pets to control diet, loose weight

Material of pets entertainment include : green roller, bowl, spoon, cleaning slicker brush and an animal squeaky toy. this slow dog bowl is made of food-safe, healthy design bowl for pet and grey pet interactive game supplies, high-strength ABS materials, high-strength PP. It is animal games puzzles which are very interesting. Besides, it’s non-toxic plastic, stop feeder, environmentally friendly and sturdy, easy to clean. Dog treat dispensing toy comes with a free dog squeaky toys

Total of the size is: length  9”-9.5” width: 12”-13” height:7.5”-10”(adjustable). Weight: 920g-1120g. Pet feeder puzzle, suitable for medium/small-sized dogs and cats, height can be adjusted by turning the screw

Reeple interactive dogs puzzle toys will solve a problems such as overweight, waste food, indigestion.

Interactive Pet Bowl Features

This is Anti-choking dish, interactive cat feeder, puppy food game. food packed in the green drum, which spills when pet learns to turn it with his paws or nose. In order to fill the food conveniently, it matched a spoon. the slow feeder’s capacity is much than normal bowls , slow eating pet bowl’s gaps are not too narrow, non slip puzzle plate , easy for pets to get the food. The raised parts in the bowl separates the food when dog’s eating, which slow down its eating speed effectively. Pets can be better trained.

Firstly, I was skeptical if my Titi would figure out how to drop the food our of the the top round food holder. Well I showed him once he's done it himself ever since. Titi is so smart


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