REEGE Dog Shower Sprayer Reviews

REEGE dog shower sprayer attachment set for pet bathing and dog washing, bathroom sprayer shower arm diverter with hand shower head and hose (sprayer head kit)

Complete set for dog bathing

It seems simple but bathing for puppy is not easy. Our dog, they are very obedient every time but isn’t bathing time, you also shouldn’t waste your money for Spa’s dog cat, very wasteful. There is a product designed for dog only, this great specialized kit for dog will make you satisfied. Dog shower sprayer of REEGE is the best choice for your dog cleaning in the bathroom. REEGE pet shower sprayer set makes bathing your pet in the shower incredibly quick and easy, the adjust water pressure lets you quickly rinse off your furry dog. The hand shower wand offers your dog enjoying the cleaning in summer or winter, as the diverter can be connected directly to the shower arm for not only cold water but also warm water supply. The diverter can easily reach to warm water, ideal for winter pet bathing indoor.

This fashionable and practical puppy shower sprayer kit is a perfect solution for your pet bathing in the bathroom, especially in winter for hot and cold water (mixed water) to dog wash use, suitable for large dogs, medium dogs, and small dogs. It makes your dog clean and prevents skin disease.

REEGE dog shower sprayer is a complete set for dog bathing system in summer or winter. It comes with handheld dog shower sprayer head, hand shower arm diverter (brass adapter valve), stainless steel hose, holster and so on. dog shower sprayer is a perfect solution for dog washer in winter, can be connected to hot and cold water(mixed water). Because it is built with solid materials, it’s convenient and frustration-free without leaks or sprayer problems-the shower arm diverter is made by top premium brass with disc cartridge for leakproof and durability warranty, 2-way water diverter switches the flow of water from a stationary showerhead to a handheld shower, water flows from only one showerhead at a time; the hand sprayer wand is made by ABS plastic material.

The faucet diverter has 1/2 in, IPS female inlet and 1/2 in, IPS male outlet. Easy to install in a few minutes without plumber help. Besides, This dog shower hose for bathroom is made by top stainless steel with chrome plated. Frustration free and anti-corrosion can last for years, 100% quality guaranteed.

Besides, this handheld sprayer kit has multifunction, it can be not only used for pet bathing spray but also ideal for personal hygiene as handheld bidet sprayer, even commonly used as baby cloth diaper sprayer for the toilet, tushy bidet and so on.


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