Purebred Chow Chow

Chow Chow is a name that is no stranger to everyone. This breed is increasingly popular because of its cute appearance, intelligence, and quickness. If you are a loyal fan of the chow chow, you will definitely not be able to ignore the information in this article!

The origin and history of the Chow Chow dog

People often call Chow Chow with the short name Chow. This breed originated in China, appearing in the Tang Dynasty. The Chinese believe that Chow is a symbol of good luck and peace. Therefore, there are many statues of Chow dogs placed in front of the temple door and the palace door.

The ancient Chinese dogs were mostly extinct. And the lucky Chow Chow is among the few old ornamental dogs that still exist today.

In the past, this breed was used as a hunting animal, pulling vehicles or taking care of homes for farmers. They are unpopular and do not enjoy the happy life like other dogs.

At that time Chow Chow was considered a cheap dog, not worth it. Even abandoned by the owner on the street. Until 1800, Chow Chow was brought to England and received the attention of breeders.

In 1880, undergoing many breeds, the dog Chow Chow possessed the good qualities of a pet dog and was popular. Shortly thereafter, Chow became the elite dog breed.

Appearance and characteristics of purebred Chow Chow

Overall, Chow Chow dog has a slightly rounded body, almost like a Tibetan bear. The outstanding appearance characteristics that help you recognize this breed are:

·       The head is quite big and round. Short and big legs create a slightly rough feeling when they move.

·       The body is like a square by approximately the same length and height.

·       An adult Chow Chow has a height of 45-56 cm, weighs 20-32 kg.

·       Small tongue is dark green. Small, round ears are covered by the fur.

·       The tail is of medium length, has many feathers and is always squeezed on the back.

·       The most prominent feature of Chow Chow is its thick and smooth coat. The most popular coat colors are: cream, black, sepia, white ... Among them, cream color is the most popular.

·       Their purebred Chow Chow has only one color, not mixed with other colors. They have a huge mane, which looks like lions. This is also one of the physical characteristics that helps Chow Chow impress everyone.

·       Because of the thick and thick coat, it will take you a long time to take care of this breed. Their hair is very easily shed, may fall seasonally or fall all year round. Short-haired Chow Chow are easier to care for than long-haired ones.

Characteristics of the dog Chow Chow

Chow Chow lives emotionally, likes to receive the care and care of the owner. If you show it, they will be obedient, obedient. Conversely, if you neglect to care for them, this breed will become stubborn and stubborn.

Chow Chow is very wary of strangers. They are not easy to get used to and can fight against those who harm their owners. In some situations, Chow dogs exhibit aggressive, unfriendly behavior.

In this breed, you will find absolute loyalty. Their lives are completely dependent on their owners. Therefore, your way of raising will greatly affect Chow Chow's personality.

Chow dogs are suitable for owners with strong personalities. Because of the nature of these dogs are also very strong, gritty. Sometimes they are stubborn but sometimes they are extraordinarily lovely.

Although it is a smart dog, likes to discover new things but Chow training and teaching is quite hard. Therefore you need to be persistent and wholeheartedly with your dog.

Chow Chow loves to bully other pets in the house. But whenever they interact with young children, they appear very cute and friendly. If you want this breed to integrate with your family and pets, you should raise 2-month-old Chow Chow to be easy to teach.


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