Pura Naturals Pet dog toothbrush Review

It is an organic dental solutions adult, natural dog tooth gel and toothbrush, no harsh ingredients, eco-friendly (one size brush & 0.8 ounce gel).

If You see your pup has a manifestation of bad breath, black bit in teeth, bleeding teeth. To limit these manifestations you have to know how to brush their teeth correctly and kind of toothbrush.

There is a pleasant that dog teeth can’t become a dental caries like us. But they are also catch a disease of dental problem. Sometimes these germs spread to other organ and become a dangerous manifestation. Thus, brushing for dog is really encouraged by vet.

The first important thing is making the right choice of toothbrush, Pura Naturals Pet dog toothbrush is so good for my dog, during the using time he becomes better oral health. It is a dental solution helps freshen breath for our four legs friend. I found it actually the brush is easy to use and I had not trouble getting my dog used to it. Pura Naturals Pet dog toothbrush has no harmful ingredients, no xylitol, chemicals, preservatives, dyes, pesticides, GMOs, gluten, fluoride, saccharin, artificial additives, sweeteners or flavors, latex free, SLS and SLES free so I feel safe when using it. Moreover, it's soft on his never been brushed gums, and it gets all the way past his cheeks without hurting him. The brush handle is comfortable to hold and dog toothpaste is good too, my dog like paste smells. His teeth look much better

The veterinarian recommended brush her teeth 3 or 4 times a week with brushes and toothpaste made especially for dogs (human toothpaste is toxic to pets). Apply pea size amount of gel on toothbrush and brush teeth and gums to help remove plaque and tartar (molars and back teeth which can quickly build up tartar). I found this to be a good choice.


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